Hatch sealant

Looking to replace the hatch sealant between my yak and the kayakhatch ring.Can anyone give me a name of the stuff? I have a larger speed boat repair shop in town Im hoping they would have it. Hope to get a reply so i can go get it!

3M Sealant
3M Marine Sealant 5200 is probably your best bet. Available in caulking tube size or smaller “squeeze” tubes. Clean both surfaces completely before using…

Search for “Wilderness Systems Hatch
…Leaks”. There are lots of threads all over the internet on that and “Flatpick” has posted numerous responses and Power Point presentations on how to seal those rings and what to use.

thanks guys

3M 5200
has always worked for me. use the black and it’s a perfect match.


I got some on a pair of pants a few years ago. It is still black, waterproof, and looks great . . . except that it is on my pants.

Good stuff that 5200.

I have
some coveralls I used in a sailboat deck rebuild that were so coated with epoxy and 5200 that they were actually waterproof in the thigh area. good stuff, yeah!

Hatch sealant
When I built my boat I ordered Kajak Sport hatches and rings and Global Outfitters recommended Sikaflex, a polyurethane adhesive like 3M 5200, and a primer for the ABS hatch ring. The primer was imposible to find in small quantities, but the primer used for ABS pipe fittings is a good substitute. The ABS is the problem; it’s hard to get things to stick to it, thus the primer. Brush it on just before applying the adhesive. Also, you might consider 3M 4200, instead of the 5200. If for any reason you ever need to remove the hatch ring, it’ll be a bit easier than with the 5200, and it’s certainly strong enough. Use mechanical fasteners as well, to prevent catastrophic failure.

Sikaflex is a brand, just like 3M is a brand. There are lots of Sikaflex products.

Sikaflex 291 is probably closest to 3M 5200.

292 would probably be fine for hatch rings.