Hatch Seals- QCC

I pulled the seals off of my rear hatch yesterday intending to reglue them as a portion of the edge had worked loose and was not fitting into the opening correctly. Pulled the old seal off and cleaned up the hatch.

The old seal is in less than perfect condition and decided to find another piece. QCC has used several differant methods and this one uses one seal that goes around the part of the hatch that plunges into the opening.

I want to try another type of gasket material I have seen and cant find. It is soft rubber, about 3/8 thick, and has three or four vains along the length. Anyone seen material like that?



Check Homedepot…
I think I had some a long time ago, maybe I got it at an auto store though…

I’ve had trouble with water in my QCC
I did a couple things that helped.

The easiest was to put a bungee across the first two deck line anchor points on the bow. this keeps waves that break over the bow from hitting the front hatch full force. If you use double bungee with a ball on one you have a paddle park too.

The second thing was to put a “d” shaped weather strip (Lowes) on the underside of the cockpit cover where it will hit the flat surface of the deck. This stops a lot of the water from getting to the top of the original gasket.

Good Luck


I had looked at Lowes and ACE and did not find what I wanted. I went to Home Depot online and found what I was looking for. The hatch did not leak when the gasket material was attached well, so I also ordered a new piece of the original material in case this new stuff does not work out.



I spoke to Phil
at QCC and told him my trim loc was coming off hatch. He told me to clean up the hatch cover where trim loc was attached with acetone and glue with super glue. Just thought I would post this in case some others were looking at thread to fix their hatch covers too.

Sucsess- So Far
I stripped all the old gasket material off the hatchs then used #60 sandpaper to clean up and rough up the gelcoat where the gaskets were to go. Finally I cleaned up the area with some acetone. I was going to use contact cement and used some painters masking tape to mark off where I wanted the glue. I cut the gasket material to size and dry fitted it. Then I brushed on the contact cement on the hatch and the gasket. I attached the gasket and removed the tape then let the glue cure overnight.

I had collected several differant materials to try for my new gasket and wound up using some scrap from work. This material was about the same thickness as the original and harder. It has memory so returns to its original shape. It is also very tough material and we use it at work for lining canisters subjected to abrading.

The end result was that the hatch would not fit. I tryed several methods to trim the gasket material and ended up using a palm sander with #40 grit paper installed. It took a while but I was able to custom fit the gasket to the hatch opening and the hatch now goes on and comes off easily. I ran a water hose on it for about fifteen minutes last night and no leaks. I have the boat on the car today and will give the new seals a real try this evening.

Happy Paddling,


Glad you have success
If you ever need to find any oddball gaskets, try McMaster-Carr Supply. (www.mcmaster.com)

For that matter, if you need ANYTHING that is oddball, try them!


You might vent your bulkheads…
… if you haven’t already.

Thanks Grayak
Yes, I checked a couple of years ago and mine came from the factory with a pinhole in each bulkhead.