Hatchback transportation/Modular Kayaks/

In the market for a Kayak but have issues with transportation of same…drive a 2001 Hyundai GS 2-door hatchback, can’t do the straps because of only 2 rollable windows…roofrack and roof extension bar etc. will run me up to about 500.00 bucks…not an option since I don’t know how much longer I will have this car (hopefully some more years).

Can you transport a kayak inside car with the hatchback open and tied down? or is there a carbonmonoxide poising issue? Thanks so much!

I like the Ocean and Perception kayaks but how to transport…so I am looking at the Point65 modular Tequila because of easy transport…any experiences?

Tracking is good or bad?

Live in FL and would do mostly rivers or ocean (no surf)

there are many options
You might be interested at looking at fold-able (Folbot) kayaks for easy interior of car storage. There are also inflatables that may fit your storage needs also.

I think you will find that a sectional SOT kayak is still going to take up more room than you think.

Most racks can be moved to new cars
Yakima - you need a set of new rubber feet and brackets. Or if you go the route with permanently mounted roof rails or landing pads, you just need a new set. Yes, not cheap, but if you shop around it won’t be more than a couple of hundred bucks, especially if you buy some parts used (the bars and kayak attachments come-up used often).

I’m sure other brands offer similar options to move or share racks between cars.

article - kayaks for small living places
There was an article on kayaks and small living place sin Issue 9 of California Kayaker Magazine. Much that was said there is just as true for those with trouble transporting kayaks. Can be read online for free at


Keep in kind - many of the options for smaller kayaks (sectionals, folding,m etc.) significantly add to the cost of the kayak. In the end, it may be cheaper to spend the money for a rack.