Hatteras Island

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I am planning a circumnavigation of Hatteras Island (NC Outer Banks) and need some local info. I note on the Sound side, Gull Island. The charts indicate it is marsh, but a fishing map I have makes it look like it is firm ground. Both note a house on the island.

Does anyone have any personal experience with Gull Island - is it firm at high tide? If deserted, is camping allowed/tolerated? If habited or privately owned, is it okay for a rest break? I will be about 5 days post full moon at that point of the trip.

If anyone has extensive experience paddling the waters around Hatteras Island - particularly multi-day trip paddlers; drop me a PM as I would like to pick your brains on some other issues as well.

Thanks - Jamie

Bird Islands
Bump; but also curious about the Bird Islands noted on the shoal north of Frisco. I’m considering using a Hatteras Village to Bird Islands to Gull Island crossing to cut about 8 miles off that day’s paddle. Input?

Gull Island
Surprised the coastal NC sea kayakers haven’t bitten on your query. I’d sure like to know the answer too!

G in NC

Hatteras oceanside
I’ve paddled the ocean side of Hatteras but only day paddles on the sound. Generally, the wave action on the beaches south of cape point is pleasant with long, gently sloping bottoms. North of cape point the waves on the beaches tend to be more dumpy, which can be a pain if the weather gets big and you need to get off the beach. Take cape point seriously and pay attention- I paddled around it about a halfmile out on a calm day and got into some, what I call, swell clapotis that was fun but attention getting- I was not paddling a stroke and moving about 7 knots and the ocean was over my coaming with each swell- one of those great days when you are seriously sobered and awed by the real power of the ocean- Cheers------------safe trip-----------