Haulin' on a Hyundai?

Has anyone ever transported their kayak on a Hyundai Sante Fe?

I’ll be putting my Thule saddles on a '07 Hyundai Sante Fe w/ factory rack (narrow spread, barely 2 feet) to go out of town this weekend and was hoping to hear from someone who had done it before. I normally haul on a Nissan truck with a 5-6 ft spread between the front rack and the rear T bar.

Miscellaneous info: 14 ft long x 24 in wide, 50 lb rec boat, plus 10 or so lbs additional gear. Thule “Set-to-Go” saddles with Thule straps, ratcheting bow and stern lines. Other suggestions?


I’ve been hauling 2 fiberglass kayaks, 14 and 17 ft. on my Sante Fe for about 3 yrs. No problems. Rule of thumb: Try to get the saddles under the bulkhead or as close as possible. Don’t over torque the front and rear safety lines. Vaughn Fulton

On my Accent, dented the roof.

No problem on Sonata
I have only a 30" spread and carry two 18’ kayaks long distances at highway speed with no trouble at all. I use a Yakima rack system, saddles, rollers, and always tie down bow and stern.