Hauling 3 kayaks on roof?

Any suggestions to haul three kayaks on a roof? Here are the vitals:

  1. Honda Odyssey minivan - factory

  2. Three sit on top Emotion poly kayaks - two are 12’and the other 9’

  3. Local is easy but need this for trips on the interstate

    We just had two prior to buying the 3rd kayak. Previously I used a tower and J with no problems on the interstate at all.

    I am skeptical that I can fit three on a roof but wanted other opinions if possible.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!


Only 3? Not a problem

not the same car, but the idea is the same

here is a rack for 3 on top


and here is one for 4 on top


Differant amounts of Malone J cradles and Yakima saddles.

Best Wishes


I do 3 or 4 on my Dodge Caravan with
60" bars, two sets of J hooks and a kayak stacker in the middle.

No problem
We carry 2-4 kayaks on top of our cars pretty routinely. We use Yakima bars and Kayak Stackers.

Here are two photos of my Sable wagon with two composite sea kayaks and two ww boats on the roof:



Thule or Yakima bars + stackers. Boats on side (on rails) stacked with coaming toward stacker. Don’t need cradles/saddles. Do need front and back tie downs.

3 on top
Do they nest at all? If so, stack two of them, and lean the third.

Strap the stack down, then strap the third over the stack and to the rack.

Disclaimer: All other keep-safe stuff applies.

3 on top
Thanks to everyone that responded. Some excellent ideas. Looks I’ll experiment for a bit before I figure out my best option. I appreciate the input!

Thanks sword
I’ll save this pic when I am on my 15th kayak. LOL