Hauling a canoe and kayak

Hi All, Does anyone know how we can haul a canoe and kayak on top of a Jeep Cherokee? Is there any reason we can’t carry a canoe vertically like a kayak? Thanks for your help.

Two ways
Both involve having a very good rack with wide bars.

Put the canoe on upside down and full over to one side (best to use stoppers). Lash it down tight. Lean the kayak against it. Lash it down.

Second is to use an upright bar and lash the canoe to the uprights on one side and the kayak to the uprights on the other.

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Another thought…
I haven’t done this on a roof rack, but I suppose it could work.

On my trailer, I’ll have the canoe loaded and strapped people side up, then lay kayaks inside it and lash them down. I suppose it could be done on a roof rack too.

The only thing that concerns me is the weight of the items. Don’t exceed your factory racks weight capacity.

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