Hauling kayak with Jeep Wrangler softop

Has anyone ever hauled a kayak just on the roll bars with the foam rubber? Of course, with the top down? Can I secure it well enough?

Do I absolutely need a rack of some kind?


Can be a problem
I’ve spoken to a couple of people who had fit issues on soft-tops.

There needs to be 2 crossbars, preferably with 32 or more inches in between them to properly support a sea kayak.

If it were me I would make a custom support to fit on the rollbar and then another that fit to a trailer hitch mount or otherwise attached to the rear of the vehicle. A welding/fabrication shop could surly make something that looked nice and was functional.

Kayak on Jeep Wrangler
I usually just put a piece of foam on the roll bar and secure a 2X4 across the roll bar up by the windshield, so the boats won’t be sitting on the windshield frame. Plenty of tie down points! Have travelled this way for over 15 years! Works for me!

I saw a Corvette ragtop with a conoe.
the top was up.

Better to get a stable base…
There is no great solution. I have the JK Unltd, and bought the kargomaster congocage that mounts to the frame in rear, and front windshield. It is as stable as hell, yet very difficult to put the soft top up and down. I’d love to find a better choice.

Hauling kayak with Jeep Wrangler softop
Answer: kayak trailer

Kayak trailer
Good option. Expensive, needs storage area, but non-invasive, and easy to load boats onto.

I may end up with one.

Look here, thirdbaseman

I just ordered this one; fellow named Bryan in KY makes these. I found no better trailer option for the price, and the $400 shipping is accurate. So, he’d get it to you in VA for $400!

Rack and Roll, a few others, more costly, less trailer.

I have not gotten the trailer yet; he is making it a two tier model with finshed ends for me, and we’ve emailed and spoken and he sound very kind and accomodating and helpful. He makes these for a living. Any color you want.

Just an idea. I am truly excited as I wait for mine.

Good Luck

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That thing's gonna take a beating, and so are your kayaks...It will fall to pieces in one year.

(3rd baseman...?)

Malone Handi Rak is nice.

wrangler soft top
not a problem whatsoever.

my normal paddling partner has one, and we have hauled canoes and yaks on it for years.

Top down of course… i think it might mess up the top to do it with the top up.

the rollbar and windsheild are spaced just fine.

you can set them directly on the windsheild frame… but they may slide side to side a bit as you drive or as you tighten them down. we got one of those foam block car topper boat carry kits that they sell at all the major sporting goods places. Those work great, the grove in the block can be put on the winsheild frame then secure your boats. Rolled up tshirts and towels work well also.

if it rains… youre gonna get wet of course… but driving a wrangler and being a kayaker I really hope that wouldnt bug ya. It bothers me to see all these yuppie posers driving around jeeps that never get the top off or get dirty lol. the brightside of hauling your boats top down in the rain… the boats act as a bikini top and you dont get AS wet LOLOL

good luck and let us know how it works.

Jeep Wrangler…
Just got a Congo Cage. Works great, BUT…the crossbars sold by Kargo Master are 2" in dia. Couldn’t find foam blocks with holes large enough to fit over them correctly. Ended up buying Hully Roller and Yak cradles. Of course…had to make my own bottom brackets…they wouldn’t fit the 2" crossbars either!! SO…before you buy ANYTHING…do as you are…research. LOL I have seen a couple of folks carrying their yaks on top of their Jeep Wranglers with the top UP. Can’t be too good for the top, but they got to their destinations. Good luck!!!

Thanks for the info:
I have been waiting for someone that has just put their kayak on the windshield frame. I will buy some foam mats today.

Thanks again:


Brian’s Trailer
It is such a small world! My biz partner and I took the plans to Brian and he modified a trailer for us to use in our outfitter business. Apparently he saw an opportunity, he now offers his services! LOL