hauling three boats on mini truck

I have two kayaks and a canoe 11, 13, and 17 foot respectively. I have yet to haul all three together on my Nissan extended cab Frontier. I have been hauling in the bed just going short distances but would like to use all boats on an upcoming outing. Can I safely haul all three safely and if so how? What equipment do I need? Really want to be safe here and keep boats undamaged. A little help?

Check out Yakima and Thule sites for
illustrations of what can be mounted on a small pickup truck.

You might be able to tie them all in the cargo area, but the canoe will stick out a good bit and require a flag on the end.

Or, you could just grease them and tow them.

What I Did
I put a bar above the cab and had a buddy weld me up a “T” that fit in a receiver. I secured the “T” with a couple of ratchet straps. If I carried the kayaks on their sides I could fit three up there.

I’m concerned I may end up towing them w

Q tower & crossbar on the cab, one set Outdoorsman risers & bar on the bed.

I noticed a really cool new truck rack at ECCKF. Check these out http://www.invisarack.com/


Don’t know how long your bed is. I have a short bed Dodge (6 foot) with a truck box in the front of the bed so that takes away about 2 feet… Using a bed extender I can carry my 14 foot yak without any issues. I’ve carried the 14, a 12, a 10 and sometimes my grand daughters 6 foot yaks all in the bed at one time. I got the bumper receiver and bed extender from Harbor Freight. There are other carriers that attach to the sides or stake holes then you have a bar that attaches to the roof.