have a rat boat project...

I bought a 13’ river explorer and want to turn it into a project kayak. I am going blind, so it looks really nice to me, but my wife says it is a real piece of, well, you know. Here are my questions, first, what paint sticks WELL to polyethylene? are there any real inexpensive hatch kits to buy, and how do I get bungie loops and cord without an e-bay account? I want to add a skeg to track a bit better on still water too. Any advice other than to re-sell this boat is welcome!!!thanx and paddle safe all!!

Sounds like it would be best to
dump it !

Jack L

Sounds like it’s already a project
No further work required.

What paint sticks to poly? None really. Krylon Fusion is probably the best.

Cheap hatch kits? No such thing really. http://www.sealectdesigns.com/products/deck_plates_hatches

Bungie and cord without e-bay? Local hardware store, local chandlery, Grainer, McMaster-Carr.


You could easily spend as much as you would getting an actual kayak.

Bungee kits
For deck rigging - I’ve seen them in a couple outdoor’s stores and for half the price at Dick’s Sporting Goods

for the funniest line on P-net in a long time: “I’m going blind, so it looks really nice to me…” Can’t say much for your project, but love your sense of humor!

Go Local

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If I remember right your in the Harrisburg area which puts you mere miles away from what many consider to be one of the best paddle shops on the east coast. Blue Mountain Outfitters is in Marysville PA and stocks many options for deck rig and general outfitting.


Don’t make it pretty. You’ll be able to
leave it lying around loose while you hitch hike shuttle without risk of it’s being stolen.

painting polyethylene
Here’s a site about painting a poly shed, might work on your rat boat. http://www.ehow.com/how_6959427_paint-polyethylene-sheds.html

Consider it to be?

It is the greatest Paddle shop in the east.

It might work on a shed but it might not work too well on a boat because the boat flexes (more than a shed would).

but it’s the only method I can find that doesn’t require exotic paint formulations and a torch.