Have any clubs ran their own swap meet?

Someone in our club suggested a swap meet it sounds like a great idea to me. Most likely we will not use it to raise money for the club so no fees.

I thought I’d ask here to see if others had done it and get any ideas, pitfalls etc.



sounds cool
I’d go if you weren’t so far away…


We do …
once a year in conjunction with our January monthly meeting. A mix of hiking, camping, skiing, snowshoeing and paddling gear. Ten percent of sales goes to the club on the honor system. I’ve picked up a few nice things over the years and sold some gear as well.

One of the Michigan paddling clubs

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has one each year, but I believe it's already happened for this year.
A 'ladies only' group I participate in does this internally, via e-mail, and at some of our meet-ups.

We run an indoor one in January and outdoor in May. The indoor one this year drew over 300 people (we have 2100 in the group).

We do one
It’s a club meeting / swap meet / catfish fry all in one each fall when there isn’t much but lake paddling around here.

Ours is just club members swapping gear mostly – often the new guys aquire some windter gear and a few boats change owners. The club doesn’t get any procededs, but it is well attended and an enjoyable evening.

Thanks All !
A potluck does sound like a good idea but then we’re always ready for food.