Have Mowhawk Solo 14' open canoe

Does any one know if there is an aluminum piece in the vinyl gunwale rail or is it only vinyl?

Thanks for any info.

I think there’s aluminum in there.

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I base this on the fact that the gunwales of my Mohawk canoe make their curves in the form of a series of discrete "steps", rather than the curve being constant (you have to look closely to see this. You'd never notice it at a glance).

Just curious though - Why does it matter?

There is alu in there
if it were only vinyl it would give no support at all.

Have the same boat.

I’m not so sure
I have a Mohawk Viper 12 whitewater boat with synthetic gunwales which appear to be a hard plastic material.

Broke a chunk out of one and there was no aluminum insert.

I have encountered the same type of synthetic gunwales without an aluminum strip insert in other canoes as well.

the old Towns used an aluminum
insert under the vinyl because I wrapped a few boats and saw the aluminum sticking out! Not the way I suggest you find out. I always thought the gunnels were pretty cheaply made on OTs.

I never wrapped a mohawk. I do know that aluminum canoes with a gunnel-lip are prone to bend and twist when wrapped(alumacraft), wood gunnels crack and splinter a bit (MR flshback), and bluehole gunnels become jagged when wrapped but they are strongest of the bunch. Kind of sad how I know this.

td, there have to be some great
stories in those wrapped gunnels.

I’m not sure
about the Mohawk vinyl rails, or if anyone cares about other RX boats…

but those on my 1990 Dagger Reflection 15 do not seem to have any aluminum inserts. And, at least where the rails meet the deckplates, neither do the vinyl rails on my 2002 Bell Wildfire/YS. Both have a square-ish shape/form inside that provides some (maybe not enough, especially in the Dagger) rigidity.

In contrast, my 1999 Dagger Legend 15 definitely has aluminum inserts, and IIRC, so did my 2002 Wenonah Adirondack.

Wrapped a Mohawk Whitewater 16
poling in about two feet of water - took us two hours to get it out.


One foot stomp and it popped back into shape. I don’t think that boat has aluminum inserts.

Remove the bolts that hold the thwarts or seat mounts. look in the hole to see if there are is aluminum inside. I know my Dagger Legend 15 has aluminum inserts. I have a Mohawk challenger 14 solo, I seem to remember Mohawk saying it has aluminum inserts in the gunnels.