Have you done the big switch?

Grew up paddling canoes and rowboats
when I had the chance. I thought kayaks were only for Inuit. I started to see some kayaks in my area the past couple of years and tried a real basic one while on vacation. Bought my first one last year and ordered my second this year. Although canoeing was always fun, I can’t imagine going back. I like paddling both sides of the boat and it feels so good when the stroke is going smoothly. I like sitting close to the water and my kayak seats are comfortable.

my first three wilderness trips (bw, root river in minnesota, bw) were all in aluminum canoes, then I bought my kayak. I now sit here looking at the tools in my garage, examining my free time, and realizing that I can build a stripper canoe (and just waiting for that impulsive part of my brain to kick in)

bi the bi…
nice coinage Sing. bi is the way. i have em all and love em all.

i’m new to sea kayaking though; only 2 years dedicated, a few more dabbling. i love the technique, the big water capability and handling of a Brit style boat. i’ve grown to love kayak stroke technique after years of ardent single blade geekery. i will be expanding my repetoire in my new ww yak to improve my overall sea yaking.

what i hate about kayaking: cartoping and transportation. i can go with my mate in one canoe hither and yonder with little hassle, but make it a kayak trip- what a pain in the butt. 2 $3000 yaks and fancy roof racks, paddle bags, yada yada. good thing i’m a gear weenie.

I like that statistic…
do you have a reference handy by any chance?


Dabbling with the Darkside
Had a little free time between a meeting and class yesterday and wandered a bit in both REI and Austin Outdoor Gear and Guidance. Really hoping to get my wife a kayak this summer. She gets interested but then doesn’t seem to want to follow through with test paddling. Guess I’ll just pick one and bring it home some time. I was impressed with the sleeker more effecient looking rec/touring kayaks out now. Something like a Manitou or Kestral might be what she needs.

Even though I’m very solidly where I’ve always been, a canoe guy, those kayaks are looking so much more interesting than the little rec yaks my daughters have. If I lived just a little closer to the coast…yes, I’d have a sea kayak.

Can a guy pushing 50 still learn to roll?

Dang, I’ve got to stay out of those places!

If I switch it will be to a ski… BTW I guess what ruined the potential switch for me was that I found a good SOT…

I use both
depending on where I’m going, which seating/kneeling position I prefer that day, how much work I want to put into loading and unloading the boat and what kind of gear access I want while in the boat. I still haven’t identified a boat that I’m crazy about in either canoe or kayak. I use a double bladed paddle whether in canoe or kayak (less skill required and easier on my back, neck & shoulders). For tandem paddling, we usually use canoe because of the greater space between paddlers when compared to a tandem kayak of the same length. We don’t have much money, so all my boats were purchased used. The main objective is to be on the water. I lust after alot of the boats I see online and in magazines, but no place to test paddle in central Illinois unless someone is selling a used boat. The merger of Dick’s Sporting Goods and Galyan’s means I won’t even be able to look at Bell canoes within 200 miles.

I like the snug feel and dry ride of a touring kayak, but not the lack of access to cooler etc. that I have with a canoe or large cockpit kayak. I like being able to switch from sitting to kneeling that most of my canoes allows.

Sears Canoe, ww kayak,
10’johnboat, 16’johnboat,28’pontoon boat, 19’Bayliner, two 14’ vee bottom aluminum boats’ 17’ Lowe fishing boat’ 111 Loon and finally, Mad River Guide. The Guide is my favorite. The others for sale or sold.

Kayaks are for Kidz
But if my back would let me I’d be paddling that Caribou on the bounding main.

Tommy Canoeguy