Have you done the big switch?

i started out paddlng canoes, maybe because that’s what was available. as i got older [late 20’s] i got into touring kayaks. now i’m even older and i’m drawn back to canoes…and thinking of selling my kayak to get another canoe…go figure. i know all the advantages/disadvantages with canoe vs kayak but,anyway, has this happened to you?

Well no, started with car hoods and log
rafts. ;^)

Yes, Have done that. Went to kayaks when the kids paddled. When they outgrew hanging out with dad I quickly went back to canoes!

Welcome to the club Boo!

Happy Paddl’n!


love em all
i started with a canoe, evolved into kayaks and would love to get a new solo canoe, i like the looks of some of the new, narrower boats, 14-15’by 27-28"asymmetrical, tumblehome sides, light weight they look like fun! but i wont be giving up yaks, just want to add to the fleet : )

Switched from Boat to Yak
For me I switched from a 14 foot Grumman to my Emotion Exhilarator. It was a big move, and some of my friends hate me for it now (they miss the boat rides) but I don’t feel like I’m missing out now. When I need to go fishing, I tag along with my father. Going paddling makes you feel more connected with the water, plus with the gas prices now, I’m glad I switched.

He switched to canoe. But, recently, I’ve gotten an inkling that he may be switching back. Those bi-paddlers… :slight_smile:


Yes. Started with kayaks and have
gone to canoes. I kept the Tarpon for salt water and really windy days.

Sing , if my back would let me , I
would be back in a kayak in a flash. My respiration and BP go up when I get near a CD,or similar composite 'yak. I am particularly partial to blue decks and white hulls.


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Province of Ontario, Canada, more boats per capita than anywhere in the world. Seems we never give up a boat. I have 3 kayaks, 1 canoe, 1 aluminum fishing boat, 1 17' V6 bowrider, and a 14' sailboat, and of course..the mother of all boats, detested by most and promise i will never ever buy...the pontoon boat..as vile as the "jetski". There are limits.

Started with canoes, evolved to kayaks, now back to canoes, but really like boats like the Rob Roy, Kruger Seawind, and my Mad River Monarch. Of course, those boats are just “Glorified” Pamlico’s aint they, Swedge! WW

I still don’t know what I want!
Started with powerboat then a sit on top kayak then a touring kayak then a solo canoe…I love that canoe! But need to have a kayak for those days that it’s way too rough for my canoe. In the best case scenario I think everyone should have a canoe and kayak. It just opens up so many different paddling opportunities. And in FL…we are so lucky to have them.

Yeah…started with canoes…went to
kayaks…then went bac to canoes…can’t beat a canoe for river trippin and thats mostly what I do…there’s something about paddlin a canoe (technique/style)you just can’t get from a yak…

Like wl 14’9"wl, 3" wl 24", 29#… drool

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... with a 7.5 length to width ratio ... drool ... !!!

Can't wait to get my hands on the new RapidFire designed by David Yost. Built by Charlie Wilson and Joe Moore at Placid Boatworks !!!

I didn’t know you were allowed to switch.

Switch all the time
Kayaking is way too fun. Canoeing is way too fun. They are so simialr but so different. I couldn’t give up one or the other right now.

Why not do both…
I love paddling both canoes and kayaks, and each has their own place.

Both my wife and I race kayaks and we race our kayaks as well as our C-2 Rec canoe and our C-2 cruiser.

We recently returned from a Florida trip where we spent equal time in our single sea kayaks and our C-2 canoe

We were out in the canoe today training for an upcoming race and loved every minute of it.

When I am gliding through some big rough water in my QCC-700 I love every minute of that also.



"bi paddler"
hey, i’m one of thos bi paddlers i have got to “bye” “bye” “bye” have fun on the water bob

Watch Out!
String may be lusting after your baby blue Mariner!


From Canoe To Kayak
I had an OT 133 that I used to take the kids fishing on sierra lakes. They grew up and I changed to SOT kayaks so I could go on the ocean.

I might want a canoe if I moved back to Florida. Something about those high gunwales is reasuring when you see a big gator, or a cottonmouth, swimming at you…

I Have A Canoe Still…

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sitting up at my camp in ME. But, I don't consider myself a canoeist. I mean I'll go out with the kids on a calm day on the lakes with a fishing pole. Don't put me in any challenging water with that thing... That being the case (and by my personal definition), I am not a canoeist.


Kayaks to Canoes and back
I started out in kayaks, switched to canoes, back to kayaks and I am presently enamored with my canoes again. Though I still take the kayak out occasionally. Usually when the wind is up and I don’t feel like dealing with it in a canoe.