have you ever gone into a

shop to ask a question about a ww-boat that the store has presently…and had the owner snap at you “its my boat” when you say “i have a question about the boat outside”???when it is on their racks with their retail and rental boats…

interesting for this store to do this…just wondering if anyone else had received a STRANGE response to a basic question like that…

i then asked to sit in it…and was told that i had better not screw anything up in it…(when the speaker knew that i work as an instructor and previously in a retail shop)…then when i looked inside to check out the footpegs i discovered that the speaker had to modify the bulkhead to make them fit in it (foot pegs were pulled so far towards the seat they had to spread the bars hodling the bulkhead…hence the not screwing it up…wouldn’t it have been easier to say in a nice tone: 'feel free to take a peek at it, it is my personal boat that i have had to modify so that i fit in it."???i know that is what i have had to say before to people looking at my boats…

just a weird incident…hmmmmm

(names in the above post have been removed in an attempt to save any face for this store)

Several possibilities
1) Guy is just having a bad day, and you stumbled into it. Give him another chance sometime down the road.

2) Guy is someone who simply hasn’t had the training to know how to properly interact with a potential customer. Shame on the store management for putting him in this position.

3) Guy is just an asshole that doesn’t deserve your business. Silver lining is that you need an occasional asshole sometimes so you can fully appreciate the GOOD folks in the world! Take him as such.

You decide which is the case and proceed accordingly.

Sounds like one of those “local” dealers

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from whom I wouldn't feel guilty looking at his products and then ordering online from someone with a better price. I shop for overall value which is largely made up of two attributes: the product and the service. If he offers *no* service or worse "negative" service then the internet discounters probably offer a better value. It's a shame, I've found most shops to be very friendly and helpful (and pricey but no one chose paddling as a hobby cause the gear was cheap).


Did the guy actually work there?
Only reason I’m asking is a similar thing occured

at a shop in wny.

Albeit this boat was off any vehicle or rack (but so were several others…on some astroturf in the lot)

Turns out the guy approached about the boat wasn’t an employee…Just used the shop to hang out in when he wasn’t paddling.

That said: I’ve walked into EMS locally and gotten the " I really don’t have time …I need to get back to my friends at the counter and continue discussing my social life" from a 20something.

Not sure which is worse.

I’ve been fortunate to be treated very well at all of the paddle shops I’ve been to. There have been several times when I have asked about boats that belonged to someone at the shop. The person I was talking to has always let me know that the boat was not for sale because it belonged to either the shop or one of the employees, but they have never objected to my looking at it. A lot of times folks enjoy spending time talking about their boats and why they like them. Having said that, I always appreciate it when the boat has a tag on it that says something like “shop boat” or “not for sale”.

no the saddest part
is that the person is one of the owners…

just a bad experience again from them…

not certain how they are still in biz…