Have you ever pressure washed your

rotomolded kayak?

Just wondering if anyone has given it a try?

I was pressure washing the patio i keep my plastic kayaks on and gave one of them a short blast and I was amazed at how new it looks.

Other than forcing water into a porous spot that could potentially freeze in the winter I don’t see why there would be a problem.

What do you think.

Thanks, Jaws

never had the need
or urge to. a bucket and sponge does the trick.

All the tiny gouges in the plastic are
hard to clean with a soap and sponge. Or even a brush for that matter. But after hitting a small section with my pressure washer you could not see the gouges.

I had to rub my hand over the hull to find the rough spots.

Not that I am that anal about how clean my kayaks are but this can make an old kayak look a lot newer.

note to self
note to self - pressure wash rotomolded kayak before the sale…

Just don’t
knock the paint off.

jim :wink:

I’ve done the inside of my RX canoe
a few times to get mildew and stains off. A mild bleach and water solution with a Dobie pad does a better job, but it’s hard to beat the speed and ease of a pressure washer. Steer clear of stickers, decals, or any wood parts and you should be fine.

don’t own a pressure washer …
… but whenever I had my hands on one “everything” was fair game … I would of blasted a canoe to see how it worked (why not) !!

Do It Yourself Car Wash
Haven’t used a pressure washer at home, but have taken the plastic rec boat to the DIY car wash, which I guess is the same thing, except I get to have soap and such, too. Have done this twice after particularly muddy river trips.

yes and you’re right
Really strips the dirt and schmutz out of the scratches. I clean my composite boat the same way but with a bit more care.

Car wash
I’ve used the pressure washer at the car wash almost exclusively. I’m learning here there’s another way to do it: Evidently some people do it by hand!

dumping shore breaks
keep my boat clean :stuck_out_tongue:

Works great.
On the old Grumman.

Pressure Washing
I give my yaks a good thorough cleaning about three times a year. Each yak gets a good rub down with car wash liquid via a sponge to cut the heavy funk. Next comes the pressure wash followed by a generous coating of 303. I have been doing this procedure for over ten years and even my older yaks look almost showroom new.

What kind of pressure washer?
I’ve used one several times to prepare the deck for staining. The kind you rent. These are pretty powerful, and can put a hole through wood easily. My first though reading this thread was you could, over time, thin the plastic in areas where there are gouges and deep scratches. Sounds like you have not experienced any negatives.

Never have I felt pressured
to wash a boat.

Try blasting a hole in a milk jug.
Bet you can’t hurt it.

all the time
perfect power cleaning tool for grungy boats. we used to pw the fleet before the big fall sale. I stored boats outside and they got pretty green. pw does the trick. no fear of damage, it’s just plastic and i’ve done fiberglass boats too.


I know their not powerboats
But dont they suggest a good washing when you go from one body of water to another?

The dredded Zebra mussles come to mind.

I was wondering about that too
Recently pressure washed my patio made of pavers and was shocked at the amount of damage done. I suppose patio pavers (a porous conglomerate amterial) might be more fragile than plastic. I think there are at least 2 pressure settings on some machines.

you could crack a hull with tiedowns
…if you tried to.

So don’t try to.