Have you rented satellite phones for wil

Anybody have any experience renting satellite telephones for wilderness tripping? Who did you rent from? How well did the phone work? What did it cost? Am looking at renting a phone for a Grand Canyon trip as well as a Green River trip (Desolation/Gray) this spring. Any dvice or suggestions?

Yep we rented one and it worked fine
We rented from this link


Once for Wrangell St, Elias
Had an older Kyocera Iridium service via


Used it once and worked fine. Depending on the area of your coverage you need, it determines the service provider a bit. Globalstar is cheaper but not entirely worldwide as Iridium, at least that was my experience two years ago. A phone card, may be more convenient than a deposit and refund. My only gripe is that it took a bit for me to get my $200 deposit back from SPS.com, however, some of it is due to them having to get the money from Iridium itself. A phone card alleviates the deposit issue.

Just like with a GPS, you have to have a satellite lock which takes much longer than a cell phone on a cold start.


Rented one for a solo trip…
from these guys:


Excellent performance & great customer service