Have you seen my roll?

Lost: One once reliable roll, last seen about 2 years ago around Lincoln park. Went to use it today, and it wasn’t there anymore.

I guess it’s true; use it or lose it. I suppose that I’ll have to practice a lot more; but I’ll bet that my thrashing around provided some amusement to some at Alki today.

Went out paddling today,
and I knocked off 2 rolls as easily as can be. Later in the day, one of the women in the group asked me to roll again so she could get a photo of it.

I then blew 2 rolls in succession and had to use a bow rescue to right myself.

At first we figured the camera was throwing me off, but then someone came up with the correct answer.

I had neglected to put on nose clips for the last two and as a result, all of the buoyancy bubbled out of my cranial flotation chamber, causing me to fall back into the water.

That’s the reason I give
for wearing goggles.

I need all the boyancy I can get.

Paul S.

It Went South…
on vacation when you decided to take a break from practicing it. :smiley:

Seriously, it’s not a big deal to do several rolls and some sculling at the put in before heading out. It’s good way to see if things are in order with respect to the feel of the kayak, the foot pegs, skirt is on right, whether you have on the right immersion gear, acclimating to the water, etc. I find this ritual becomes even more important as winter comes on. Have to be in the right frame from the git go for the contingency of going over by accident.


what he said
The faulty premise is that capsizing is bad. As Dubside suggests, change premise to: “Half the fun is being upside down; the other half is rolling back up.” Once rolling is seen as fun–go out for an hour and just roll–that’s your paddle for the day. Do a few onside, then try offside or a shakier roll. Slow your rolls way down with a skulling brace in the middle. Try intentionally capsizing in the middle of a reverse sweep or a skulling draw, and then roll up. As Dr. Zeuss said, “these things are fun and fun is good.” On our regular paddles I go out early and roll for an hour for fun. When others are sitting around yaking about this boat and that boat or this bit of gear or that, I’m often sitting in the middle of the group playing with boat control strokes and rolling for fun. You’ll be amazed at how quickly comfort rises as your skill increases.

Watch me.
That works for golfing too.

yep-just a rolling day
and i will hop into a ww boat just to reinforce what i am doing…

I’ve noticed that sculling and rolling
improve my comfort in wind and chop. I’ll feel kind of shakey at first. Then I’ll lay down in the water, roll a few times on both sides. After that I tend to take the chop more in stride.


Stop doing sit ups or crunches
When ever I lose my roll I stop doing sit ups and it comes right back. Give it a try!

I Feel For Ya

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I had a shaky roll then lost it. Eric Jackson's dvd gave me back a reliable one.

I like to do 'roll play' like jsmarch writes. I'll get in the pool or the lake and just do high braces and rolls offside and onside 'til I'm beat.

John! My favorite Dr Seuss line is when the Cat in the Hat says:

"It is fun to have fun
but you have to know how!"

Other way around for me
I need lots of ab strength to set up.