Have you seen this?


Click Bait
Won’t load for me … would not have looked if it was somebody unknown posting it. Trusted Andy’s opinion.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m getting real tired of

" Best XXXXX video ever" …click bait to generate advertisement clicks for payments.

the singularity is coming
This is just another step.

works for me
Not an add, just a pretty cool and fun video.

try again
There was a hack attempt that took down much of the web yesterday or today, so perhaps you couldn’t load because it was the middle of that?

The video is old school white water kayaking (even some composite white water kayaks - from that era). Looks like some sort of event that red Bull would sponsor now, but way before Red Bull existed.

thanks, enjoyed that!

Ok I’ll give it a 9.7

doahn get out much

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where is the support for Rapid at $10/issue ?


what is free on your desktop ? $10/issue ?

Rapid has published for 18 years ?

No idea, I been living under a rock.

you miss the unamusing confluence of money hassle population and $10/issue ?

it is your business.

like MTB vs road riders

composites vs Tupperware

often discussed.

or other stuff we're not gonna write abt here...

maybe I'll take up knitting.

$10 an issue?
I get my subscription for being an ACA member, so I ignore those subscription requests.

But I looked at the link and it says just under $20 for a year. I believe it is 4 issues a year, so that is $5 an issue. Online only is $12 a year.

Not supporting the mag - doubt I would pay to subscribe if it was not part of my ACA membership. Just questioning your numbers.

that link sez 36 for 3 issues plus a box of crackerjax

Statistics suggest this apparatus is a commie front organization

Not one
None of those guys will live to be an old kayaker if they continue with that segment of the game.

The chick on the rock at the end looked good though.

I’ve seen it now. Makes me wonder
how much of it was real.