Hawaii Outfitters or Day Tours

I know, Hawaii is a big place. My wife and I are taking our first trip to Hawaii in the latter part of May, and we hope to do some kayaking while we’re there. So far, we just have our flights to and from Honolulu booked, and we’re trying to plan the next 7-8 days. Which island, city, coast is up for grabs right now. Anyone have any experience out that way? I saw a couple of trip reports on Kaui and Na Pali. Thanks, all.

I’ll be there in July
Have made arrangements for a surfski rental with Twogood kayaks in Kailua. Will be paddling on my own.


We paddled on Kauai in 2002
Kauai is really the only island with river paddling if you’d be interested in that. We did several trips with Outfitters Kauai in 2002 and were very pleased with their trips (http://www.outfitterskauai.com). They also had a Na Pali coast paddle that we heard positive things about, but weren’t able to try. Most outfitters use SOT kayaks, but with some research, you might be able to find some with sea kayaks. Good luck!


Sounds like
you ae going to be on Oahu, (going to Honolulu and all) The Go Bannanas bunch should be able to help you out there.

Doubt if you will find anything but SOT’s to rent though. I had one of the few sea kayaks on Maui last year for a short while, none of the outfiters used them.