Hawaii Rentals/Guides

Thinking about a trip to the big island of Hawaii. Would like to do a rental or guided trip. Most of the guided trips use SOT’s. I personally have never been able to get comfortable paddling an SOT and would prefer a SINK.

My questions:

  1. Any recommended Guides/Rental Cos with SINKS on the big island of Hawaii?
  2. Any specific tours/destinations on the island you would recommend?

    Appreciate the advice.

SINK is very unlikely
AFAIK there’s nobody in Hawaii renting SINKs. If you find a Scupper Pro that’s in good shape, that’s about as good as it’s going to get.

What island?

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A few years back we kayaked the Napali coast on Kauai. We went with a guide outfit. All they had were tandems, but they were nice glass tandems (SINK) and the outfit was great. It was an amazing paddle. If you are thinking Kauai I can try to dig up the name and number of the outfit.


What Island ??? DL can you answer

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this one ??? LOL

There is a sort of one man business over there who does stuff via sea kayak.......

Not sure if this is the guy or not .... pulled from google.

866 824-2337 - Guided natural history tours by sea kayak along the ... Guided tours range between $70-$100 per person ... that frequently offers you........ google link did not work, hope this helps.

Understood Hawaii Island, poking a little fun, pretty sure the # above is for Hilo Area too .... there IS a guy who runs his own tours using Sea Kayaks. Found it by accident on web a year ago and cannot locate : (

The Big Island

Understood Hawaii Island…
Poking a little fun …

Pretty sure # above is Hilo area. There IS a guy who does Sea Kayak Tours of the Eastern coast. Cannot find the year old info on computer : (

Big Island
sorry I missed that. =)