Hayden family canoe pole business

When Ed Hayden died, some of his family were still providing poles for sale. Do they still do that? Anybody have their contact info?

There’s a website out there, but I notice the events are from 2013, which makes me think it may be dormant. I sent email to the listed contact and have not heard anything back.


Hi Chip - with Ed’s passing, the poling group seems to have dispersed. Last I knew his son was still making poles, but it has been a while since I have heard of anyone buying one. I sent a Facebook message to the folks around here that might know, and included you. I think most of them are fairly regular on Facebook, but we will see.

I’m down to one Hayden pole, so I should probably buy a couple more while (if) I can.

I’ll FB Harry Rock…

Harry got back to me and the Hayden’s are making poles. Many!
Online shopping too

I do note events are from 2913 but I thought yahoo discontinued e mail so your email might have gone to orbit. I’d try. Snail
Yes I know you might not have a stamp! I have to rummage for mine

Chip - answer on Facebook - also sent you a private message here. Let me know how you make out. I may order a couple.

I’ve been in contact with Rob Hayden and ordered some parts and a pole.

Thanks, p-netters (and facebookers), for your help.

The email address on their web site did nothing for me. This one works: haydecanoepole@gmail.com. The online ordering seems to work, too.