HD-! Perception

I have a lot of experience with kayaks but I just bought an old HD-1 Perception canoe. It is in great conditon for its age. I want to restore it but I need a picture from an old catalog or photo. Can anyone help?

Check on cboats.net

HD-1 Perception
Thanks. They list it but no picture .

No picture
But I had one 30 plus years ago. Sold it about 12 years ago and am sorry I did. I had the only glass one I ever saw. Took it thru a lot of whitewater in those 15 or so years and it held up great. I am guessing that they are really old school now.

HD-1 Perception
I paid $50 for it with a paddle. It needs some repair of fiberglass on the botton and the rest is cosmetic. I can’t wait for this cold weather to go away so I can start cleaning her up!

Perception HD-1

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Sold mine 2 years ago to pblanc.

I think he stills has it; if he does, he might? be willing to assist you with a photo or two.
When he got mine it was in primo condition; I'm sure that it still is.
Bet he'll check out this thread when he sees the
HD-1 subject line.
Betting he can give you some repair advice too.

That boat likes being upside down just about as much as it likes being right side up. It'll make you a better paddler, or a wet one.



Here it is

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It is unclear from your post whether the boat you bought is Royalex or composite.

This HD-1 is Royalex, as most were: http://www.flickr.com/photos/42020723@N02/
(copy and paste the entire link to view it).

I don't believe the large sheet of Ethafoam glued into the bottom was part of the stock outfitting. The saddle on this boat was also very high. If you have a high saddle in yours you will find that the boat becomes a bit friendlier if you cut it down to about 8 1/2" or so, more if you are comfortable. A lot of these boats were outfitted with a roto-molded polyethylene Perception saddle.

I believe that Perception made only two canoes, the HD-1 solo and a tandem Chattooga. I am told that the HD-1 stood for "Hahn Design One" as the hull bottom was based on the shape of a Hahn C-1. A bit of a problem arises from the fact that the center of gravity in an open boat is significantly higher than in a C-1. The HD-1 is a boat that you have to stay on top of while paddling. What stability it has is "dynamic stability" (considerable paddler input required).

If you are interested in the history behind this whitewater canoe you might check these threads:




In the last one some of the great whitewater open boaters and slalom racers of the past and present weigh in on the history of the HD-1.

The Royalex on these boats was thick, strong, and very heavy as were the aluminum gunwales. You will find that the aluminum gunwales will stain your hand(s) black from contact, but it washes off (eventually). Some HD-1s came with wooden gunwales.

If you have a Royalex boat, you can repair it using WEST G-flex epoxy and fiberglass. If your boat is composite, repair is even easier.

If you need additional info send me an email.

Thank you for the information. I’ll e-mail you if I have anymore questions. I appriciate your time to find that information for me.

I had an early HD-1 in the late '70s. For some reason I thought it was fairly light - of course, I was comparing it to Blue Hole OC1’s!

I never had any issues with it being “tender” but I was a young pup at the time and in fairly good paddling form. Dang! I was so much studlier back then!