HDPE (#2 plastic) repair kit?

My Heritage rotomold kayak is made of HDPE or as you will more commonly see it in your recycling bin as a number “2” plastic. Does anyone know of a repair kit for sale? It would be nice to pack along for emergency repairs as well as filling bottom scratches / gouges that develop over time. Thanks. Neil.

Duct tape is still the best field repair
and I can’t see you melting plastic shards by a campfire on some rocky island. Rotomolded plastic repair is a home-and-garage project.


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I found a 5min plastic epoxy kit at my local NAPA store,came in a double syringe type tube.. used it to repair a small crack in my wifes hobie last year and it's still holding well.waterproof and can be sanded. and actually did set up in 5 min. was about $4 and in the automotive section.turned light yellow brown after a few days exposure to sunlight,so cosmeticly not pretty but functional .
duct tape is the tried and true fix,,stick with it

these folks - http://www.tognar.com/bsrep.html

Repair possibility
For some repairs, SHOO GOO that you can get at k-mart/walmart or the like bonds pretty good with the rotomolded poly.

You do need a few hours to let it set, but it seals small cracks pretty well.

For permanent repairs…
…plastic welding is the way to go. Harbor Freight sells a plastic welder at a reasonable price.

In the field, duct tape will work if you can dry the surface before applying it. Bituthene (roofing underlayment) works wet or dry and sticks like crazy, but you may need to warm it a bit in cold weather.