Head insulation for cold water rolling practice

I learned to roll in the pool last winter and practiced through the summer after the water warmed up. As the water temperature is starting to drop I want to continue practicing my roll as long as I can. I have a dry suit but I figure I need something for my head. I have been looking at wetsuit hoods but are there other options to consider? Before anyone recommends it, a tuilik is not in the budget :>)

Both nrs and kokatat should have neo hoods. Thinner than diving hoods but will get you to 50 degree water ok.

Something like this would work. But also look at surf spec earplugs like Doc’s to keep the cold water out of your ears.


Thanks to above, l shoulda added docs plugs. Not optional. Get them online

I sue a neo hood from the likes of Kokatat or NRS. I have a few, and the one I currently use is from Bomber Gear (which is no longer in business). I use the type with a strap, as I also wear glasses and I use the hood to ensure the glasses stay out (even though the glasses are held by Chums or the like - have had some pop over the top of my head if glasses strap wasn’t tight enough). The glasses prevents me from wearing full wet suit hoods, which would be nice on real cold days.

Docs ear plugs are good to keep the ear canal from getting surfer’s ear.

Ear plugs for sure, plus a 3mm neoprene cap. Thickness and coverage needed will depend on the water temperature where/when you go, and your body’s tolerance for cold.

Dive shops have a good selection of neoprene caps. Paddlesport companies also sell some. All doable via mail order, but it is better to try them on in person.

Rip Curl E bomb 2 mm for less cold water, and Rip Curl flash bomb 3 mm for the really cold stuff. They are both quite comfortable for me, and if I snug up the face on the flash bomb, no water gets in at all. The 2 mm is very flexible and comfortable, but nothing to snug up the face, but I prefer it when the water isn’t too icy. The neck material with a dry suit is key on both of these. There is only enough to cover the neck, but not enough to get in the way. So you can have your drysuit on, pop on the flash bomb, quickly tuck the inner tunnel inside of the outer neck of your drysuit, and then roll the outer tunnel down over the outside of the neck of the drysuit. (The ebomb doesn’t have this double layered neck, so I just tuck it under the outer neck of my drysuit - meaning not under the latex gasket. You’ll see a lot of hoods with a lot of material down the neck and at the base of the neck. It just gets in the way, and is unnecessary for cold water protection in conjunction with your drysuit, or drytop. The 3 mm flash bomb feels very thick in comparison, and really insulates you compared to the 2 mm e-bomb. But for days when the 2 mm ebomb is plenty, it feels much lighter and less noticeable in comparison. I’ve been through many different hoods, and I really like these 2.

Cape Fear - the Rip Curl flash bomb looks like the answer. But I can’t find a size chart anywhere and an email to the Rip Curl Service Dept. has so far been unanswered. My head circumference just above the eyebrows is 23 14" (59 cm). Any thoughts?

I just measured 60.5 cm for me. I generally wear a large hat. My Tilley says size 7 5/8, 23 7/8", 61 cm. I checked my flash bomb, and it’s an XL. My Ebomb is L, but as I said above, it’s 2 mm and more flexible. So maybe an L would be large enough for you. Does that seem about right?

And i thought I had a big head…

I have a 23.25" head circumference (probably 23" if I pull tight) and a Large e-bomb fits me quite well.

re: ear plugs. I haven’t love the Doc ear plugs as much as many do. These have seemed to work pretty well for me. https://aboloxsafety.com/ear-protection-earplugs-custom-molded-ear-plugs-accessories-radians-custom-molded-earplugs-cep001-b-poly-bag-w-blue-plugs?gclid=CjwKCAjw0JfdBRACEiwAiDTALiP95VXQ-APr6oiXCPL63dAUJmszbs_JmrPJ9cLtXGmeWNCYYC3JSxoCBE4QAvD_BwE

Anyone tried these? I picked up a pair the other day for use under my hoodie but havent tested them in the water yet. I molded one to my ear and it seems like it will work. I dont mind a few drops getting in now and then I just dont want a cold rush of Lake Superior