Head to Head


I looking into getting a canoe, mainly to use on various Rivers and small lakes. If your familiar with this area (North Jersey), things like the Rockaway, Passaic river. Maybe a stretch or two of the Delaware.

I was looking between two brands of Aluminum 15’ canoes.

Osagian and Grummann I read a lot of praise for the grumman but not much on the Osagian. Im kind of enticed by the Osagian stated maneuverability and control (As their website claims). Any one here to vouch. I feel the grummann will be the better choice, but interested in hearing counter arguments.



Try another post
I’m surprised I even looked at this post, because I normally don’t open topics that don’t have titles to which I relate. “head to head” doesn’t really catch the attention of everyone from who you might like input. Try posting with a title such as “Oswegian vs. Grumman” and see if you get a better response.

It will be an interesting experiment because I’m always surprised by nondescriptive titles that get a lot of repsonses. Maybe others read every post, or maybe people are reading them because the recognize the poster’s name.

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Yikes, Alumeniam
I would look at the closeness of rivets, the number of rivets and type of rivets, guage of aluminum for skin, seats , thwarts, and deck plates. Heavier guage is better for longevity but makes for a heavy hull for portaging and loading.

Because alum. canoes are basically curved sheet metal riveted together, design options are limited so speed and manuverability are compromised. Composite hulls are lighter and flexability of design makes for better paddling. IMO, HTH