Headgear with wetsuit

I just ordered a wetsuit to start getting in some early roll practice as the weather warms up. Any suggestions as what kind of headgear to wear with it?

Neoprene hoodie.
For extra chilly water i have started to wear poly pro under that too which seems to help.

A pile-lined skull-cap works too
but if it is really cold water, you can’t go wrong with a neoprene hood.

NRS Mystery Hood
I use the NRS Mystery Hood, and have been very happy with it. Fits under a helmet, if you are wearing one.


I didn’t find the little holes to be good enough for hearing, so cut holes in each side about the size of a quarter to allow for better hearing.

If you are rolling in Shallow water.

Texas Gulf coast? Does the water get colder than 60 F ? If not you should be fine without any head gear.