Heading To Clearwater, FL...

…to visit friend in late Feb or early March. Been a quarter century since we’ve been to the area. Our friends are not canoe paddlers, so looking for info on areas near there to paddle? She did mention a nice State Park about 45 minutes north? Thanks in advance.

Could be Hillsborough River…
State Park. It’s very nice, the river is beautiful, and the wildlife it pretty used to canoe traffic. Shuttling between county parks and the state park makes it an easy downstream run, but paddling upstream isn’t that bad. Bring a camera.

If you’d like some company, perhaps Deb and I could join you for a paddle trip.

C’mon down!


Sounds Great
Thanks so much; we don’t know our dates yet, just started discussing it today. Have a good weekend!

What Tom said
If you are a nature lover the Hillsboro is a must.

Just don’t do it on a weekend

We have the three best trips for it on our Google site.

check them out for directions etc at:


Jack L

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I am interested too…leaving for FL next week.

Try it again
There must be something wrong on your end.

We have given the site to three or four people here and they don’t have any problem getting on it.

You are the first one in several years that can’t get on.

Perhaps some one reading this can try to get on and see what happens.

Jack L

This isn’t the best, but…

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here's a link with the names of the parks and a map of sorts.
BTW, I copied and pasted Jack's link in a browser and it went through just fine. I'm using Explorer, if that could make any difference.

I couldn’t find the link
to the Hillsborough River trips the first time so I went to site map…where I was denied access.

The next time I looked with the aid of eyeglasses and wine I found them.

Its funny…we have always stayed at exit 260 and I never thought about paddling in the area.



Weeki Wachee
is another one that is a must. Just don’t do it on a weekend either.

We have learned that it is best not…
to paddle any where in Florida on the weekends except in the Keys.

Jack L

especially up and downstream

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the fish coming at you have no control.

And it was a weekday.. speaking of the Weeki Wachee.

Thanks So Much!
Lots of info to read up on.

Let me know
when you decide on when you are going. There is some great paddling there.

Lucky paddler!

Dates Still a Bit Up In the Air
Hopefully we’ll have something pinned down by the end of next week?

Kim, Definitely do the Hillsboro
Lots of birds, gators, and even otters up close when we were there. It was several years ago but imagine if you go at quiet time early in the day on a weekday you should be able to see the same. Slow current lots of vegetation just a beautiful area. Went there a couple times when we revisiting Mike G

Still need a place to paddle ?
I am about 20 mile North of Clearwater. A snow bird. There are all sorts of places to paddle around here. North and South of Clearwater. Need help i will point out some places for you.