Heading to Hilton Head Island

Heading to Hilton Head Island late in June. Will be staying in the south tip of the island. Planning on bringing my own boats (2 sea kayaks). Any suggestions on where to / not to paddle? Staying in a condo so I guess I’ll have to store the boats on the car rack. Will have to lock them down with cables and guard from the condo with my 22. :slight_smile:

Any tips on paddling that area?

If you like a little rock and roll go to
the “triangle” off of Tybee Island east of where you will be. Make sure to stop by Sea Kayak Georgia on your way there they can tell you plenty of spots for paddling. Say hello to Marsha and Ron, good people.

The creeks around Pinckney Island
Nat’l Wildlife Refuge , which you cross coming onto the island, are a good place to paddle. You can (or could) launch from yhe ols roadbed by the Skull Creek bridge or at the Pinckney Is. boat ramp.

Don’t bother locking them…
your coming to the south now where we are all honest, and up standing citizens.



And they only steal half million dollar
yachts on HH. they sneer at kayaks.

Sea Kayaker Magazine

– Last Updated: May-30-08 2:46 PM EST –

ran an article written by a paddler who went with his buddy to do rescue and roll practice in really rough conditions common in that area about a year or two ago. Apparently at certain stages of the tide with an opposing wind, the sea really kicks up. From their own description these guys were pretty strong paddlers ("advanced"?) but they got absolutly trashed---thrown out of the boats etc. and I seem to remember that they actually walked part of the way back---I'll look at my old copies of Sea Kayaker and post the name of the author and the issue and date of the magazine---makes for really interesting reading. The good part about the area where they were is that there are bailout points.

hhi in the south
but its hardly ‘southern’