Heading to Jekyll Island, GA

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May bring my two kayaks if I can work out my cartopping dilemma by then. Heading down in late June. I've begun to do some research on line and it looks like a great place for some kayaking. Any specific suggestions on locations, cautions, etc? Thanks.

tides and currents…
Have paddled the area and found it fascinating. If I remember correctly, there is about an 8 foot tide and if paddling through the grasses as at St. Simmons Island’s Bloody Marsh, you need to pay close attention inasmuch as you may find yourself stuck in the mud/muck. Currents can be quite strong and alligators, are almost jurasic in size on the South Altihamma (sp) and St. Johns Rivers. Wildlife abounds, especially for bird lovers and the beaches are pretty neat. Most of my paddling was on St. Simmons and off to a place called Two-Way Fish Camp, for some good comfortable eating. At dusk the no-seeums and mosquitos are in search of liquid nourishment that we unwittingly supply…yes, it is really bad… I do look forward to another trip there but when I paddle there, I always solicit advise from local kayak outfitters. Then there is Tybee Island…

Tybee island…?

Don’t leave me hanging!! :slight_smile:

On The Way To Tybee Island…
Wonderful people, great shop and sound advice. Worth the visit if you’re in the neighborhood and have the time.




On Tybee there is -


Jekyll is NOTHING like other areas on the east coast with large bays and long barrier islands.

The tidal change is huge, be sure you start your trip on a rising tide. Most creeks in the marshes are mud only at low tide.

Appreciate it!
Thank you all for the tips. Looks like I have more research to do.

I like Jekyll Island
I’ve been there three times but only paddled briefly. There is about a 7’ tidal range, but according to my tide charts there is always plenty of water in the main channels.

The deep intracoastal waterway is on the west side. Some of the marsh channels further west appear to be dredged. If they’re not, the tidal channels will become mud at low tide, but that’s the same for any coastal marsh paddling.

The east side of the island is mostly virgin beach and quite nice. If it’s calm, it would be a nice paddle.

I’ve stayed in the campground on the northern end of the island, which is nice. I recall put-ins on the northern tip of the island at the fishing pier and near the marina area on the west side.

A very lovely and affordable Georgia island. Get a sea turtle t-shirt as the visitor center on the causeway into the island.