Heading to Wakulla, suggestions?

My wife and I am heading to Wakulla Springs next week for a few days or R&R. We’re taking the yak and plan on dping the Wakulla River. I am interested in other options fairly close to Wakulla to check out.

Any suggestions? Any condition reports or warnings we should be aware of (other than don;t feed the gators!)

Thanks, we are really looking forward to getting away. It’s our anniversary and my birthday so we will be doing a little celebrating also!

Not to be a spoil sport, but…
did you know that 4 miles down river from the springs there is a fence across and there is no tresspassing up river to the springs beyond it.

At least it was that way in 2003.

I am assuming that they have not changed it.

I thought I would let you know so you won’t be dissapointed like we were

Happy anniversary and Cheers,


Wakulla trip
Jackl is right, there is a fence not to be crossed. What I did was to park at Highway 98 below Wakulla springs at the canoe livery on the Wakulla River. It is public parking adjacent to the road at the bridge, although it looks like you are at the livery.

Nice upstream paddle about 1 hour until the fence. Opposite direction takes you into the beginning of the Gulf. Can take a trip up the St. Marks river before you get to the open water.

Take lots of water and a hat.

Thanks, more questions
Thanks, I am familiar with the fence. Although a frustrating barrier one that probably serves a good purpose. I can just see Sea-Doos swarming around the springs for a look.

I have heard the lodge at Wakulla State park has a very good yet simple menu with good food quality. Any other suggestions for good seafood dinners?

Where else would you check out to paddle? Nearby rivers?

I can’t help you on the sea food…
restaurants, but some other paddling opportunities:

The Ochlockonee river, the Dead River and the Sopchoppy river are all good.

They are not spring fed like the Wakulla, so don’t expect that.

If you have a GPS bring it. There are a lot of opportunities for some pristene paddling off the Sopchoppy in the salt marshes, but a GPS is a must.

If you don’t mind a long drive, the back side of St Joseph Peninsula is great. Nice clear water.



How about the Wacissa river?
I haven’t been on it but I found this site


and it looks pretty good.


Ah, my favorite hangout, along with the Wacissa!

And no worries about Sea-Doos, the Wakulla is a no-wake river because of the manatees. (Does not mean that yahoos don’t occasionally zoom along, though.)