Headlamps--Which one???

I want to get a headlamp for camping and canoeing at night. There are so many, and the price range varies a lot. I’d really like a light, LED type, but so many kinds!

OK. Time to get PNet Input; what do you think?

I like the Ray-o-vac
I have this one: http://www.thesouthernoutdoorsman.com/ray%20o%20vac%20headlight.htm

LED alone may not be enough, consider one with a Krypton spot (like the Ray-o-vac) for good distance lighting. The red led seems to be little more than a gimmick, does anyone find it useful?

I carry the swivelling Ray-o-vac clip light as a backup, it works well and is cheap cheap.

Check out the Black Diamond Gemini or Polar Star II. Both are equiped with 2 brigh leds and a bright xenon bulb. You can switch between the two depending on need. Also take a look at the petzl

Duo and Myo 5 or Myo 3, both using a combination of leds and xenon bulb. Any of these lights will be good for camping and night paddling. Using the led setting will give considerable longer run time. The xenon bulbs will give very bright light with shorter run time.

red LED
I like the red around camp - after my eyes adjust to the dark the red is great if I want keep my night vision going. It is great for night fishing.


Excellent choice magoo!!!..

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Northman, another friend & myself have these lights. They work excellent!!!!!!! the double white LED works great for paddling at night. It lets you see a short distance infront of you without creating glare off the water. The krypton spot light works well for "looking" for things in your boat or around your camp.

The red, however, IS NOT a gimmick (as you put it). Red lamps work excellent at night for reading maps & or notes or looking around nearby without hindering your night vision. If you were ever to have been in the military you would know how to use this function & appreciate it. The red lens allows you to read a map in total darkness & not get that "blinding paper flash" as when using a white light which irritates the eys & impares your natural ability to see in the dark.

Best of all you can get these lights at Wal-Mart for $12. I have had mine for two years now & NO problems & yes, it has been dropped in the drink a time or two.....lol.

Paddle easy,


3rd the ray o vac
Mine works excellent in all modes. 1 krypton for spot or distant viewing. 2 wht led for area lighting,and 1 red led for map reading and saving your night vision. the krypton should be used sparingly or will drain the batteries more quickly.

Easy to lose
Some models of LED headlamps that have been available for the last year or so are very light weight and small in size. If you drop them at night they can be very hard to find. Get one with a good full size, floating “head harness”. Makes it easy to find on the ground, or in the water, in the dark.

Myo 3
I use a Petzl MYO 3 for night hiking and biking and it is excellent as you can use the LEDs for most applications which means you get good battery life and depth, whereas when you want to do some real navigation, you can turn on the xenon bulb for better ligthing. For actual night kayaking, I’d imagine you may need a nice powerful LED or so, unless it’s a lazy stroll in some lake. Something with 4 AA should be good, most of the 2 AA or 3 AAA batteries are not going to be powerful enough for anything over a slow hiking speed of say 2-3mph or general camping.


high output LED
sorry I don’t have the specific name, Princeton tec maybe,it’s pricy around $65 but it uses a high output LED instead of the krypton bulb. Waterproof, with a three AA battery pack. I’d look at that if you want a bright bulb with longer lasting batteries.

high output LED
I think you are referring to the Princeton Yukon HL. I have a large number of different headlamps for kayaking and this is my favorite. The only downside is that it is highly water repellent, but not waterproof. The unit has a battery pack in the back that holds three AA batteries. There is a button to select between the two built-in LED options. The first option is three 5 mm LEDS. This is adequate for all camp chores and most paddling. The batteries last 120 hours in this mode. When trying to light the distant shore line you can switch to the 1 watt LED. This give an output similar to a halogen and xenon bulbs but lasts 25 hours and the LED never burns out like a bulb does. My Petzel Duo used to serve this role as my kayaking and canoeing favorite, but the high beam drains the four AA cells in only 3 ½ hours versus 25 hours and the light output is comparable in high beam.

If I anticipate a good chance of having to roll, such as going through a surf zone or playing caves, then I use the PrincetonTec Solo headlamp. It uses two AA batteries. It is waterproof enough to dive with. The Halogen bulb lasts about 2 1/2 hours. It is only slightly brighter than the 1 Watt LED mentioned above. The alternative krypton bulb lasts about 6 hours and it is slightly less bright than the 1 watt LED mentioned above.

The high beam option not only works great for illuminating the distant shoreline but also as a safety item when I hear the wine of a motor getting closer.

At REI the Yukon HL sells for $59.95 and the Solo sells for $24.95.

Petzl Tikka
$24.00, Simple, Light, comfortable. I’ve used mine for two nights and highly recommend it.