Heads Up on the Whole East Coast

Tropical storm Isaias is predicted to follow the east coast north.
It may grow to a weak hurricane but it is a VERY large storm with a lot of rain…
One to watch…

Now a CAT1 at the Turks and Caicos… Just got stronger…

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Thank you!

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Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully not another Irene, the just-rain part beat the hell out of the southern Adirondacks and the southern part of VT.

We could use some rain…it’s been hot and dry in the north east. Much of Massachusetts is at mild or significant drought level…

We’re all on alert in the Cape Fear region. The first swells are supposed to arrive here this evening.

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Yep, surf’s up in Florida.


Grayhawlk will have more than us at home. Our wind is predicted 10-20 with gusts to 30. But keep alert things change .

Been watching this one, Looks like it could be a busy season this year.

Some yes. Bucketfuls in a short time no!
A hurricane is not what I wanted on my birthday.

We could use the rain up here in virginia really dry we are in a drought water levels in rivers make them almost impassable if you dont know how to read the rivers.got to be on lookout for sandbars and log jams …and alot of portable conditions .thank goodness as well for polarized sunglasses that allow you to see things just below surface that you wouldnt be able to see due to glare on surface.thank goodness for the lakes in virginia where the water levels dont vary much thankfully there some nice ones in virginia to paddle

Watching the weather channel. People on beaches in Georgia, the folks in Florida aren’t standing sideways. Rip current concern bigger. Skipped the Keys?

NC moving resources more inland for a rain event though.

Totally skipped the Keys…
We didn’t even get a color on the warning maps… :sunglasses:
The dirty side pounded Grand Bahama who are still rebuilding after last year. (Dorian)

NC , Wrightsville Beach is in trouble … Jim Cantory is up there.

In NE Florida it will be about normal.

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11:00 am advisory 26: Isaias is forecast to regain hurricane strength before it reaches the coast of northeastern SC and southeastern NC, and hurricane conditions are expected in the Hurricane Warning area by this evening.
We’ll be covering our electronic equipment on the way out today, and hopefully this will keep moving up the coast as expected.
Full moon - spring tide - astronomical high at 8:10 pm. Hopefully this doesn’t align too well.

Watching Cantory standing out in Wrightsville Beach.
Gotta give him credit but he’s getting a little old for this foolishness. :mask:

I saw him for a bit where he went into a knee when the wind speeds came up.

I appreciate the entertainment value of the weather folks getting soaked to the skin by rain and ducking flying objects, but am not convinced it constitutes responsible reporting.

I remember late one night in Key Largo he was waiting for something to happen… dead calm. He was interviewing a pet squirrel dressed in an army uniform…
I think the crew was hanging out at a local pub… :sunglasses:

Back in the good ol’ days when you could hang out at a local pub. :mask:


Cantore usually doesn’t make it to Maine. And all the weather showmen stand in front of Maine on the map. If its north of Boston it does not exist.

Fortunately we have private weather services like NOAA who actually deal with the weather and not entertainment. Pine Tree Weather works off NOAA I believe and both have tornado watches for tonight. WC …crickets.

I reading the first post in this thread the forecasters nailed it…
Hope everyone is safe…