Health risks with exposure to Algae bloo

Hoping for help from my peers who read this post: Does anyone have knowledge of algae blooms (Cyanobacteria) and the health risks involved coming in contact with such while kayaking or SUP, for example. If so, please share. Especially with SUP, would you risk exposure to algae blooms or would you just find another cleaner venue to kayak or SUP? Thank you in advance.

Find another location
Blue-green algae blooms seem to be a chronic problem in certain ponds and lakes in the NW. One place where I had hoped to do some skills honing (including roll practice) is so bad that a dog that swam in it died from the exposure. Authorities close these places to swimming, so let that give you a clue.

Other locations have temporary infestations and may be OK for swimming or paddling at other times. Lake Hebgen near West Yellowstone is like that. I paddled it when the algae was not a problem but would not go there during bloom times.

Some, but not all, cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) produce cyanotoxins. Likely, you would not be able to tell if the bloom you were experiencing contained toxic varieties or not. Your best bet would be to avoid waters with a heavy bloom. But if you live in places where waterways are used as sewage systems for industrial agriculture (like some of us do) you might not have a choice. If that is the case, minimize the change of taking water in and shower after you get out of the water. I could never figure out why Iowa state parks had showers at public beaches. They are to shower after you get out of the water.

Here is a good reference from the Center for Disease Control


algae blooms
HI David:

Thank you for your response. Very helpful. I live in Massachusetts. It seems these algae blooms are everywhere and are a real visual turnoff doing water sports as well as a serious health hazard doing water sports. Think I will steer clear of AB at all times. Best. Cindy

algae blooms
HI Pikabik:Thank you for your response. The algae blooms are a real health hazard and visual turn off to doing water sports. Think I will stay away from them at all times. Much appreciated. Best. Cindy