Health Risks

Thought I would repost this from the Varnish thread as I consider it to be important !

Graemesmith is correct about the health risks involved in using epoxy resins. Allowing these resins onto bare skin can cause “sensitisation” Once aquired this is incurable and further contact with even minute amounts can lead to acute dermatitis.

2 pack polyurethanes can cause similar skin “sensitisation” issues.

A further concern involves spraying such products without proper ventilation and wearing an air fed mask (a normal filter mask is not sufficient) as the “sensitisation” effect of the atomised material if breathed will lead to asthma. A further exposure could then trigger an acute attack with the possibility of death !

Yep gloves an a good respirator
and coveralls are a must. Thanks for the heads up!

Vinyl gloves, not latex which are prone
to tear, and for some people, have sensitization issues of their own.

I was sensitized to epoxy many years ago, but use of gloves and good ventilation has resulted in my being able to work with modern epoxies without problems.

Auto Paint Shop type hood and suit
Are what got me thru my first S&G build. A trip up to a Newfound Class sans the above equipt. quickly told me that w/o it my doing another build wasn’t going to happen.

Hey g2d…
Did your reaction to older epoxies appear at contact areas ( wrists, fore arm etc.) or areas away from where epoxy was? Any respiratory issues now?