Heard about the venomness puss caterpillar?

Looks like a tiny coonskin cap, or mullet hair style. There was one found near Castoff’s town.
Reported to have a wicked sting. Instructions are to get to an ER immediately.

Disgusting creatures with a severe sting.

Ours was found close to mid state SC.

They sure look cute, but don’t pet them! I have seen one before many years ago. There is another one that hurts like heck called a saddleback. Its green, and although the sting hurts your don’t have to go to the ER. I have touched those by accident so know first hand.

What’s with the 20s? Aggressive viruses. Crazy politics. Even mean bugs. I was on a hike recently and got stung on my arm. I never saw what got me but it hurt like hell. The local bird club was on an outing and most everyone in the group got attacked by yellow jackets. We had the roaring 20s. These could be the mean 20s.

I’ve also been stung
by the cute little saddleback beasties. I was climbing in an oak tree at Hilton Head with my kids. They didn’t get got luckily. That was in the 80s.

I hope they don’t form an alliance with the murder hornets.

These critters have South American cousins…this one stung my brother-in-law while he was opening his car and brushed his hand against a bush; the result was as described in the warnings of the North American variety, his hand swelled, looked like something out of a horror movie.