Heart rate monitor -- advice

Impelled by REI’s sale, I was about to spring for the Suunto T1 at $85 (regularly $120). I really just want a basic model, and with the sale, this seems like that plus more (replaceable battery, calories burned) for the same price. I want to use it both for paddling and on the treadmill.

But then I saw this in the specs… " Water-resistance – (wrist unit) 30 meters". Does that mean the chest band is NOT water resistant? If so, it’s obviously no good for kayaking.

Anybody know the story? Just how water resistant are these things – any brand (like the Iron Man FS1, which is very basic but says water resistant to 50m).

Thanks. --David.

All the stuff will be OK with what you plan to do. I t does not do well if you want to swim. I use the T-3 for running and kayaking since I am a heart patient. Feel free to contact me if you need more advice. By the way, that is a good price.

Have had three
Omrons are cheap but lot of compaints about them (see Amazon.com comments on them). You can’t change the battery yourself so you must go to a jewelor or the like.

the type where you place your fingers on the watch to get a reading are ok, but the one I had was very touchy about getting it to read. Also you just can’t look down and see your reading.

If you only want to occassionaly check it a wrist blood pressure monitor works well and you get your blood pressure as a bonus. I suspect you’d need to keep it dry, but not sure.

Garmin Forerunner 301
Get one of these. They are cheap and give you tons of other options. I use mine on my boat, bikes, windsurfer and while running. It is a great tool

I don’t think you need to worry
about the chest strap. I’ve worn mine in the swimming pool. Remember, any of these straps are going to get soaked in salty corrosive sweat, so they should be fine unless you plan to go scuba diving with them. The watch is the bigger issue. My experience with water resistant watches is that they are pretty safe until after the first battery change. Even if you take it to a jeweler or send it to the manufacturer, once that original seal is broken, all bets are off. It’s a great price, and should last you for years.

Ok, ordered the T1
Thanks all for the advice. I ordered the Suunto T1.

Interesting comment about leaking water after replacing the battery, since the replaceable battery is an attractive feature of the T1. I wonder if, after doing that, a bit of silicon caulk around the battery cover will help reseal it. That’s worked for me on VHFs. It does form a solid bond, but you can easily break it later if you need to.