heartrate monitors

What sort of heartrate monitors do people use while kayaking? Sounds like a good training aid.

Polar is nice
I have the cheapest polar that you could get many years ago that uses a high and low alarm.

I also have one under te nordic trak name that works great and I got is for about $40 on a close out. Got it so my wife could use the polar when we used to work out together, and to monitor her hears rate while backpacking during her pregnancy Nice thing about that unitis the transmitter battery is user replaceable.

If ya can, try several out.
I mainly use my HR while road cycling. The orig. seemed to (and still does)work well regardless of how far my chest band was from the watch. The new one I got has a limited range that-were I kayaking and wearing it on my wrist- would be cutting in and out with each paddle stroke. Nashbar (cycling catalog)carrys a wide variety in all price ranges.

I’ve used my Polar monitor several times while paddling. It keeps accurate time of your workout and lets you know how hard you’re really working which is great if you’re using kayaking as cross-training to build upper body strenghth. Even the simplest HRM’s are usually waterproof and provide enough options for a paddling workout unless you’re training for racing.

I use a Polar 5A (or is it A5) for most of my work. Seems very accurate & works well.

Polar HR monitor
I have a polar and highly recommend it. I strap the watch to the bungies in front of the cockpit and it monitors great.

Also, highly effective to manage training to avoid both over and under training.

My monitor also can be programmed with intervals. This is a very nice feature.

Same - simple and very good
1 1/2 years - 4-8 hours a week - and at least weekly exposure to salt water for a few hours. Still going strong.

These have to be sent in for battery replacement - but I bet that’s why I’ve had no trouble in water. Batteries are suppost to last a couple years. By them I may want a differnt model anyway.


a catalog cycling company makes a good house brand heart rate monitor. I’ve had one for a couple of years and it works well. Has a reasonable range, high and low alarms and is waterproof.

They frequently go on sale. A search on Yahoo should find their website.


I have a polar HR monitor as well.

Sports Instruments
I just got an SI monitor that lets me know what the percentage of max my current heart rate equals. This is a little easier to use if you’re concerned about heart rate “zones.” SI makes three models that provide this info–I got the middle-priced model, but they all seem to give the percentages.

Polar is Ok