Heat damage to gear?

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I'm just wondering....
Probably like a lot of you, to save time, I keep a lot of my kayaking gear in my car, ready for my next paddle. I know things can get damaged by the sun, but am wondering if things like my pfd, spray skirt, booties, etc, can get damaged by heat? Even when it isn't parked in the sun, the interior of my car can get mighty hot at times. Would it be better if I didn't keep my gear in my car during the summer?

NRS Mystery wear will ‘melt’ together
which ruins it. Other than that, chemicals like sunscreen or bug repellent can go bad with too much heat. I can’t think of anything else that would be damaged by the heat inside a car.

Heat will break down the various glues that gear is put together with. Keep it cool and out of the sun. Vaughn Fulton

car storage?
I wouldn’t. All it takes is one very hot humid day to grow mildew. The smell can stay on some materials forever. All it takes for a PFD and especially neoprene, is to be slightly damp from persperation or water.


Rubermaid tub in the back seat.
I store most of my gear in a rubermaid tub when transporting in the car. On sunny warm days I put the tub in the back seat, rather than in the trunk.


Its the Smell that Gets Me
I don’t leave any kayak gear in the back of the car after a paddle, in the box or out, due to the fact it is usually wet. And wet booties smell to high heavens.

Any day on the water is a great day,


Radios, flares and …
…chocolate bars shouldn’t be exposed to high temps.

Light bulbs
I was working on my kayak yesterday and left a trouble lamp with a 60 watt bulb on inside the cockpit while I went in for coffee. The closed cell foam knee braces completely collapsed on one side from the heat of the light.

I just created more work for myself . Duh.


I bought a couple of mesh bags
from campmor and I put my gear in there. When I am done I raise the gear off (if in salt water) then when it dries I just hang the bags on hooks in my ceiler. That way I just grab the bag and I off.

Heat In Wisconsin?
Last week it was 112 in the San Joaquin Valley.

I am always finding something melted. Usually onto something else. Usually something I never thought about melting…last week it was a rubber band I left in a day hatch. Safer to store it indoors if you can.