Heat shrink question?

Does anyone know if they make heat shrink in a tape form where you would wrap it around rather than in a tube form that you slide over?

if yes who sells it?

On one of my rudder cable connections the heat shrink tubing has come off. and I don’t want to take the cable off to replace it, and the cable is fraying pretty bad.

thanks in advance.


Not Like Mine
Hey Jack,

I’ve looked for heat shrink tape in the past and not been able to find it, so I’ll keep an eye on your post.

Your set up must be differant than mine. I have plastic or rubber tubes coming out of the hull which carry the SS line. The end of the tube is capped with what looks like a rubber or plastic cap with a hole in it for the SS line.

Hope you find something to fix it.

Happy paddling,


try this one
I am not shure but I think this might just be the ticket for what you are trying to do.


Would you believe…

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I have a container of that sitting right on my work bench!
I never even thought of it.
If I cant get the heat shrink, that is what I will use.
The reason I want the heat shrink is to try and pull the frayed ends back in tight, which I won't be able to do with the dip stuff.
I do a lot of electrical work and use that stuff on all the shafts of my screwdrivers, plus the parts of the pliars that don't have plastic covering them.
I most recently used it when I was making canoe paddle holders. I got broom holders at wally world and then coated them with several dippings of it. They work like a charm.

Thanks a bunch,


try this

I don’t know that it would pull frayed strands back together though. More likely they will poke through.

Looks good - and good price, but…
… seriously - some decent grade electrical tape (that you also probably already have) should work fine.

Pull as you wrap and it stretches and conforms nicely - no heat needed (just avoid dollar store junk tape - poor adhesive and less flexible PVC).

I have some where my skeg tube joins to the box (my new tubing narrower than old when I modified the skeg). Damp and hot back there - still looks like new. I also have a small 1/2" x 1/2" piece outside covering a screw hole on the seam tape where I removed the old cleat (nearly invisible black on black) that is exposed to sun and sea for 2 years now - and also looks new and show no sign of coming off. If it ever does - a 5 second fix - with no heat gun.

Rescue Tape

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I just purchased some of this stuff at a trade show booth. I've used to to secure a bicycle innertube over a bungie set up on a tow belt. So far it holds great.


Rubber tape
Go to a good electrical supply store and purchase rubber electrical tape. The kind used for high voltage bugg connections. This stuff bonds to itself and will not come off unless you cut if off. Much better than any grade of vinyl electrical tape.

Jack, can’t you just pop the cable end
off and slide some slightly bigger diameter tubing over it ?

Would that self-bonding “pipe tape” work ?

Nwever used it but it seems like it ‘welds’ to itself once wrapped.

Not a big fan of shrink tubing or tapes for salt water use … sort of traps some moisture in.

Heat shrink tape
Brookstone Company sell (or did) a heat shrink tape made byElectronized Chemicals Corp. at So. Bedford ST. Burlington, Mass 01803.

I have some right here, if you get down to the piedmont area of NC you can have it.

heat shrink
I’ve worked in electrical distribution for (way too many) years and have never seen heat shrink tape - just the tubing. Heck, I’ve even got some short sample lengths if you want it.

A good quality tape might be OK but you’ll still wind up replacing it often. Look for 3M 33+ for a better grade electrical tape, or for a high-voltage rubber splice tape try 3M #23. That idea about the rubber stuff you put on tools is probably better though.

I have some
I have heat-shrink tape but isn’t the world’s easiest stuff to use. It isn’t sticky, so you need to overlap the wrap, then somehow secure it at the end so it won’t unravel, before heating it. Once it’s heated up, though, it sticks to itself. I use a chef’s torch, actually, to heat it up. I just hold it far enough away so as to not gas the thing inside the tape. You’d probably want to practice on something unimportant first. I have four rolls of 1" wide, 35’ in a roll, in black. I’ll never use it all, I’m sure. If you’d like to paypal me a modest amount to cover the tape and shipping, I’ll send you however much you want.

My email is elainep8@msn.com – don’t use the forum email address because I don’t pop that email to my desktop very often.