Heavy Load

Hey there, I wanted to see if anyone had suggestions on how to load up 2 kayaks and a canoe on the top of my town and country. Is there a safe and secure way to tie three down? I do have j-racks…


You can do 3 kayaks on the roof with a j-rack and tower.
Put one in the j-rack, the other on the outside of the tower and slide the third over the end of the car between the two.
BUT, I cannot figure out how to do the canoe.
I can put my Pack Canoe on my roof solo or on my kayak trailer with a kayak but canoes are too wide to do what you want.

Of course, if someone can figure out how, upload a you-tube video so I can learn how.

Do you have third party cross bars, like Thule or Yakima? If not there isn’t a way even if you can find a way to tilt them together securely (which I cannot imagine). The factory cross bars on that vehicle are not likely to be up to the weight load of all three craft.

I have seen people manage pretty interesting combos with 78 inch wide Yakima or Thule cross bars and a stacker for the kayaks, so the kayaks are on their sides. But I suspect that is not the situation you have. And at 78 inch wide bars you have tp be aware that you are extending past the width of the vehicle.