Heavy Wanter SUP Race at Ocean Beach San Francisco in Double Overhead ++ Surf


The winner, Casper Steinfath, told to Danish television that he had been afraid. That is not often heard.

This video from the same event popped up after your video. It looks even wilder:

The first scene, of the coast guard board, into and over the incoming. Wow. I think most of us would mostly fall in one or the other reaction: (Mostly) "That’s NUTS! " Or (much smaller group), “Yeah, COWABUNGA!!!”

I think of the Oahu “Eddie Would Go…” stuff. Serious watermen (and women).


Yeah I have followed Casper for a while, he is a funny guy and very stoked on stand up paddle surfing . He comes from an area where my wifes ancestors came from and we have visited there and the beach. One of the few paddle surfers in Denmark and he wins this event. I’ve surfed Ocean Beach on a waveski and I was scared to death, up close and personal it is a huge heavy wave that rolls in and looks like a wall of buildings going to dump on you. I just had trouble getting out on my SUP surfboard on 4 and 5’ waves on an easy beach in Lajolla this morning. . These guys are amazing, but i think SUP racing as a spectator sport is not going anywhere.

How can they tell who won?

@Rookie said:
How can they tell who won?

They are not disguised when they pass the finish line.