Heel Eazy???

Despite the fact that Keel Eazy did not prove to be sufficient for my purposes…I am interested in their Heel Eazy product, but can’t find it online.

Can anyone tell me where I can order it from?



Just go to a home center…
…and pick up a roll of plastic stair tread tape. It’s inexpensive and will work just fine. I don’t recommend the “sandpaper” tape, as it will wear out your shoes.

One other possibility
Here’s something else that will be a whole lot better than Heel Easy, assuming that Heel Easy is similar to Keel Easy. Get some good quality porch enamel, and just paint the wear areas (apply primer first, of course). I painted the heel-contact points on my rowboats with porch enamel years ago, and though a few small flakes have popped off (most likely due to pre-paint surface preparation being not so good), the material has yet to show much wear. That’s in spite of the fact that there ought to be a lot more abuse to the foot-contact points in a rowboat than in a kayak simply due to the differences in mechanics/leverage aspects of paddling versus fixed-seat rowing (I can supply explanatory details if you wish). Anyway, not only is porch enamel an incredibly hard-surfaced material that wears extremely well, but if it ever does wear through, fixing it up again will be much simpler than repair of a stick-on product would likely be.

If you’re going with a coating…
…you can also just brush on a couple of coats of epoxy and renew it every few years. If you add silica to it (Cabosil), it will increase the abrasion resistance to the point that you may never need to renew it.

keel ez
I just took the rest of my unused roll of keel ez and used that as it just wouldn’t stay on my hull…


Email me if you want some.