Heel pad for rec kayak?

When I place my feet on the foot pegs of my poly recreational kayak with my heels resting on the inside of the hull, my heels tend to slide down the sides toward the center. This puts my feet and legs in an uncomfortable position.

I was thinking that maybe some kind of pad to rest my heels on would work. It would need to have an non-slip surface and perhaps a little cushion to keep my heels in place. I’ve heard that gluing to polyethylene doesn’t work very well, so maybe I could use some kind of mat that I could just lay in the boat? Does anybody know of a product that would work for this?

Water shoes
For longer paddles in my rec boat I wear water shoes. The rubber bottom adds some padding and doesn’t slip as much.

We like to use ridge-rest sleeping pads.
I like the ridges running fore and aft. Others might not agree. Will stay if cut to fit nice… bond it in if you move your feel alot when paddling.

Put in place and mark perimeter with tape before any glue gets put in / on.

Use my flip flops if boat does not have anything in there.


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Yakpads, they go over your pegs and have a heel rest... It's right here...

What kind of glue do you use…
…for bonding to a polyethylene kayak? The mat sounds like a good idea.

Thanks for the link.
I have wondered if the YakPads might work. Do you have a set? Do thay add much weight to a kayak? Can they be kept mounted on the footpeg during transport and storage?

I have the yakpads and love them.
I like Patrick’s ridge rest pad idea too, and have been giving some thought to placing some foam on the floor of my boat where I tend to move my feet, when I am stretching in my sink:)

upside down hip padz
may work. glue to the hull. give you an elevated rest for you heel but not interfere with pegs. that’s why i don’t think i’d like the ones that were noted above. seems like they would get in the way.

anybody used hip pads?


easily mounted, and don’t weigh much

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or do any gluing to get comfortable. Get a foam block used for cartopping a boat and lay it down near your feet. By resting your calves/ankles on the foam, your heels don’t even touch the boat. Move it forward and back to change the pressure points.

A section of kid’s swim noodle will work also… but I have found that the foam block feels better.

NSI Heel Pads
I use NSI heel pads from REI on a rough carbon interior to prevent blisters on my heels.

NSI Ankle/Heel Pads

Item 685479

These pads use dual-density foam design that creates an extremely comfortable and durable pad for the heel/ankle area in your kayak. Price: $15.00

quick & easy heel pads
Using a velcro strip, attach a couple of computer mouse pads! Neoprene & non-slip!

Gerdener’s kneeling pad
I use a gardener’s kneeling pad - usually about $2.99 or so, and place it across the bottom under my lower legs. Takes ALL pressure off the heels, because there’s no heel contact at all. The pressure is spread across the width of the pad from ankle to calf, and is a little softer and lower profile than a cartop foam block. Cheap and effective. I don’t fasten it down. I’ve not had the need.


I just bought some bulk Minicell from NRS and already had some H20 glue. I added heel pads and some padd where my knees touch the side of the boat in my LL Saluda.

I also glued the foam pillar in as it kept coming out when cartopping my boat.


computer mouse pad???
How about one of those computer mouse pads? They don’t move around and if you get one of those with the gel-type cushion, you might be set for less than $5.

Happy Paddling…