Helen Wilson's kayaks stolen

-- Last Updated: Sep-26-12 4:55 PM EST --

Please be aware that two Tahe Marine Greenland kayaks have been stolen from the roof of Helen's car. One is the distinctive all black one featured in the DVD. The other is white decked and black hulled. The theft occurred on the Canaduan side of the Peace Arch Border. Please spread the word!!!

that really stinks. I for one never lock up my kayaks on my vehicle, under the assumption that no one will steal them since you can’t really do so unless you have a kayak rack of your own. I reasonably assume that other kayakers are not going to steal my boats and figure that most thieves would not have the ability to transport them.

Guess that is not always the case which is unfortunate.

Actually, the photo of the boats she sent out shows a Lasso lock on at least one of them. That said, likely that photo was from a while ago, so doesn’t necessarily say she had them locked on this trip.

There is probably a total of a dozen of so Tahe Marine Greenland boats in North America, so I have this feeling the boats will come back. Kind of like stealing a Ferrari - you definitely can’t sell it. But until then, will be a huge hassle and stress for Mark and Helen.

A thief in a pickup truck has no need for a kayak rack - toss it in the back and go - takes no time at all.

Sometimes a person steals something like a kayak, sobers up and realizes that “now where am I going to use it?”. and it sits in a garage forever or gets sold privately years later.

link to description

Tahe Greenland
There’s a lot more then a dozen greenland boats

in north america.

Tahe fever…
Granted. At a large Greenland-style event such as Delmarva you can’t walk the beach without tripping over a Tahe Greenland.

In fact these kayaks are so popular among “Greenland rollers” that some die-hards dislike them, and are concerned that they are causing fewer SOF kayaks to be built. While I understand the point, I believe that having more options is always a good thing.

The G-style market is small and fairly well connected and this will help.

While I don’t mind wearing out gear, and hate losing gear, nothing gets my blood boiling like someone stealing gear. This thief really doesn’t want to be messing with people who regularly practice with harpoons do they?

I hope Helen and Mark gets their kayaks back.

Greg Stamer

on the night of the theft the boats were cable locked. Thieves cut both the cable and the tie downs. This is from Helen’s blog.

cut cable locks
So they knew what they were doing. They had to have had a good set of bolt cutters with them. Not a couple of drunks doing it on the spur of the moment. But they were probably from that area so they may show up on the water.