Helio I vs Sea Eagle Razorlite and Arius


I really need some input and help from anyone who has paddled a Helio I, Arius Sport, or Razorlite. I am looking for a lightweight kayak to take on travels, for use in ocean bays, lakes, bayous, and slow moving rivers. My priority is comfort, fun, ability to set up and transport easily, and launch from a shore into an ocean bay from a cruise ship, or take along on travels in other areas such as a river bank, lake, or nature center bayou. The Helio attracts me because of the storage space to throw my bag, pump, and dry bag in which I will be carrying with me at times without a car to put them in. It looks simple and fun, but I haven’t seen a lot of reviews on them. I hear good things about the Razorlite, but don’t know if it would be as fun in the ocean, if the water got a little choppy, or if I hit waves coming to shore. The Arius Sport looks simple and fun, but doesn’t really have any storage space. I would appreciate any advice.

Thank You

Have the RazorLite and it’s outstanding. It’s stiff, tracks very well, good speed due to design and light weight. Build quality is top notch. Inflates in 5-10 mins. Easily the fastest, best performing touring inflatable avail. I can hang no problem with my buddies in 13-16’sit insides and certainly sots. Paddle one and be surprised