Hello all / new to the group

Hello everyone,

I’m new to the group. I am a recent transplant to south florida. My wife and I bought 12’ rec boats with a chunk of our wedding money 2 years back and have had a good deal of fun with them. It look like I may be becoming a more serious paddler soon (I’ll elaborate in another post when it comes up).

I just wanted to say hello to everyone and say it look like a great group here.


welcome Matt
"I just wanted to say hello to everyone and say it look like a great group here."

1st impressions can be deceiving!



"It look like I may be becoming a more serious paddler soon"

Sounds like you’ll be switching to a canoe…


In modern translation that means;2 canoes,touring sink,rec sink.SOT for fishing,crossover for putsing around,a dozen paddles,4 PFD’s,and this is just for yourself.

Welcome to the club ,Divorce will be soon unless she doesn’t mind you spending your kids college fund now.






shuttle car-truck

white water boat???

wet suit

dri suit

shed for building your own pygmy-clc

Hi Matt, I’m in Northeast PA but we
paddle the same ocean.

Yes, this is a great group. There will be A LOT of information given to you on ANY post you make, and there will be at least one post that will be useful or make sense.


All advice dispensed here is worth every penny you pay for it.

Welcome to the neighborhood Matt
Great place for great advice, entertainment, tips, or a place to spend a rainy day.

We have 2 boats currently. A perception acadia 11.5 and a Mainstream Patriot 12, although I understand Mainstream is somewhat defunct and or absorbed into Confluence now.

We did have an oldtown canoe that we rescued from a natural area (that was a pain to tow back). We had some fun with that but evantually, when we moved, desided to leave it for my father in law (who gratiously gave us unlimited access to his camp property with lake access).

The patriot is actually a great fishing kayak, it has wells to hold rods, it’s 29.5" beam is wide enough to make it near immpossible to flip (even when I had to lean way out and reach town several feet to untangle some line), and a huge cockpit that easily allows for a tackle box or my dog (see other post).

I don’t remeber the brand of the paddles or the pfd’s, both were what was available at the shop we purchased our boat. We have nylon Seals spray skirts we got from REI that we are pretty happy with. We also puchased 2 malone J-style racks at the same time as the boats, we still have one (I’ll elaborate in my other post later). We also have a t-rack craddle we use now.

I have thule roof racks I purchased about 7 years ago with 50lb bars. They are mounted on my ‘99 mercury sable which at times worries me because the dome of the roof only allows the bars to be spread 26" (seems way insufficient for 12’ boats).

The reason I said I may be becoming a serious paddler is that I’m pursuing a job as a guide. Assuming a get it I’ll most likely be in the immediate market for a touring kayak (I might have been anyway but the money is an issue right now) perhaps two.

In any case, thanks all for making me feel welcome.


Welcome, and check out the Paddlers
Discussion forum on pnet. Very friendly and less nuts-bolts-technique oriented.

That’s g2d’s nice way of saying
wrong forum.

He doesn’t get any nicer…


I figured it out.
It took me a momment but I got it.

As I said I’m new to the board, and based on the description I didn’t realize this board was intended to be more technical in nature.

Thanks, for pointing me in the right direction.