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Hey everyone, I was hoping you could all check out this link!


My roommate and I (Both College Students) are trying to purchase a canoe for a hobby while in school, Any Contribution would be the most incredible thing ever. Both of us are super outdoors-y and have already done several camping trips our first year and are looking for more activities to do outdoors. We are located in the Spokane, Wa area so there are plenty of rivers and lakes for us to paddle on. Ideally we would like a cedar wooden canoe but if we don’t get the funds for that then we will just go with a fiber glass one.

Thanks for your time!

I gave at my orifice.

I have two kids in college
and would love a red cedar canoe also. If you split your money with me that would be incredible!

…it would be an AWESOME bench in their (classy, I’m sure) dorm room, too!

A wooden canoe as a dorm room bench… AWESOMELY ADVENTUROUS!!!

Not much hope that, after some typical dorm room bench uses by a couple of collegiate dorm room guys, it would be in much condition to


-Frank in Miami

Get a job
Do kids these days really all think entitlement is OK?

Tell us …
what, other than begging, you’ve done to get the cash. Have you put your beer money in a piggybank? Do you cook and eat at home? What else? With a little effort and belt tightening the two of you could probably scrape together enough to buy a suitable used canoe?

Of course, you probably won’t read this or even return to this site. I hope no one opens your link, I’d wonder how much malware is riding on it.

Here is how to do it:

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Stand beside any well travelled body of water and hold up a cardboard sign labeled with a fat Magic Marker, "Will work for boat!"

Whenever I see a solicitation like that, I always remember U Utah Phillips (a lifetime hobo), his voice dripping with sarcasm, making fun of the amateurs who say "Got any spare change man?"

Speaking of Utah, check this out, there are over a 100 of his radio shows.
Fair Warning: NSFC, Not Safe For Conservatives.

Thaar be someone who will contriboot

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A Dr. Abu Nooshitoo Nobuttotto fro' de Nigerian Ministry Of Financial Antiquities would gladly hep yer out... iffin' yer send 'em yer parent's bank account number so he kin transfer de funds inta it.

No need ta thank me. Glad ta hep out taday's yung-uns.


may I suggest getting a job!!!

Surely you jest…
Do what I did when I was going to grad school.

Worked in a factory 4 days a week on the 3 to 11 shift.

Went to school during the day.

Amount I owed for schooling when I graduated: O

I didn’t have a canoe; didn’t need one.

You probably don’t need one either.


thanks for your hope in humanity, I did return to see replies and no, There’s no malware on that link. Just some college students hoping some people will be awesome.

What is “x box”?
I do not think this “wooden” canoe will fill the hole in your soul as well as a motorized couch w GoPro mounts and trip to Burning Man would.

I am rarely awesome
What happens when you are awesome?

And don’t call me…


Dude! Braw!
Don’t be hatin’. Hook a brother up, Split your stack with me!

You didn’t answer the questions
What are you doing to make it happen other than expecting people to be awesome?