Hello! First time posting...need some repair advice please

I am brand new to the kayak world and recently purchased the Lifetime Sport Fisher 100 Kayak. I realize its not a high quality vessel, but I thought it would be a good start for me. I bought it from an online auction “as is”, knowing there was a hole in the bottom. I would like to repair the hole but I’m not exactly sure about the right material to use. The specs say it is “Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Rotational Molded Construction”. So my question is: can I use any kayak repair kit, or do I need to use LDPE welding rods? Also, what works best for repairing, the little irons, soldering tool, torch, etc?

Thank you in advance for any help that you can give me!


Is it a hole or a crack? pic?

Hello grayhawk,

Hopefully this helps.

Pics above . Thank you

I bought $100 used River runner fully expecting to have to fix a leak or two so I checked a bunch of YouTube videos. I never had to do it because it doesn’t have any leaks lucky me, but the videos say get a soldering iron and any bucket or plastic that has HDPE on it. I know your specs say LLDPE, and maybe there’s something specific for that, but I’m not sure it would really matter. Then basically you sand it, prep it and solder it . Seems to work. It won’t be pretty.

Thank you for the info! It looks like Harbor Freight has a $17.00 kit that might work.

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Definitely watch youtube videos to get a head start on technique. Call or email the manufacturer to make sure you learn how to match the plastic type exactly. They may even sell you some scrap pieces from the production line. Companies like NRS and West Marine sell kits but you have to match the plastic type and they can be overpriced. Austin Kayak and others sell the kits. Google is your friend for searching!