Hello from a hospital bed.

I had the spinal stimulator installed today. In the realm of spinal surgery, relatively minor.
Compared to the last one, not much pain. If this device works as advertised, it will free me to do more paddling with a lot less pain.
I can’t really get to it for a couple of months, right about the time winter is over.
This is a good thing. Maybe I can get back in a ski.

Oh my goodness, string! Think positive, heal quickly, and do whatever PT may be required so you can get your ski ready.

Sending you good vibes for a quick recovery!

Glad it’s done! When do you get home? There is a group camping at Santee mid April so maybe join up. Wishing you all the best my friend. I was turning off the phone for the night when I saw your post.

Going home tomorrow. Just staying to get loaded with antibiotics. To attach this thing, the surgeon removed some bone from my spine so they are extra cautious.
I am signed up for the April outing. Should be fully released by then.


Hang in there Jim! Hope it works for you!

Hope your recovery is uneventful

Heal quickly and remain free of pain! Get on down to Beaufort before the bugs take over. Any health and lifestyle advise for those in 20’s and 30’s?

This issue is genetic.My Dad had the same problems.
Advice: keep moving. I ran, walked, hiked from childhood until this showed up . Paddled ever since.

Get well soon!

Things are looking up! Best Wishes!

Hope it works as advertised!

Best to you, string. Hope all goes well, is relatively pain free, and that you’re back on the water on schedule.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery

You’ve had it rough with those problems the last several years. I hope this will be a big turn-around.

I hope your recovery will be a speedy one, and you’ll be back on the water again soon.
Don’t overexert yourself to quickly (because you start feeling better), until cleared by your doctor.

I know a little about back pain. Have been dealing with it since I wrapped a new 68 Mustang around an oak tree (that didn’t give an inch) in New Jersey in 1968.


Good luck for a full and quick return to doing all the things you used to do. I bet you will work the rehab and PT to get there and look forward to progress reports.

Hope you heal quickly, and our “winter” is over in SC about the time you’re ready to paddle !!

Get pain-free soon!

Thank you everyone. I scheduled it so I’ll be released early in the paddling season.
Right now it’s great to be home after a painful, sleepless night in the hospital. Half the time I was thinking about my next kayak.
A wonderful thing happened as I was waiting to get released. I was half out of it and a friend and fellow paddler walked in. A perfect morale boost!
He helped my wife get me home and to bed.